Meet Our World Builders: Loki Eliot

Loki Eliot, the world builder of The Bazaar Dungeon.

Loki Eliot, the world builder of The Bazaar Dungeon, shares with us the history and the secrets of the Dungeon! He talks about the storyline of his roleplay group, who for this year’s Faire have called themselves The Magpies, street urchins from the Bazaar Dungeon’s tunnels. Loki also shows various development stages of the Sentinel Cyclops, the guardian of the Bazaar Dungeon and reveals that for the brave of heart there’s a treasure chest in the Dungeon, just waiting to be found. 

The work you do to bring us a whole Faireland is dedicated work of months, it’s planning and designing, building and sleep-deprivation, building and coffee, and more building. If someone asked you why do you do it, what would you say?

Oh dear, don’t ask me that LOL. I probably give a different answer to everyone depending on my mood that day. I guess Fantasy Faire is an opportunity for many things to come together, to build, create, to tell stories, to role-play, to show off :-p to share with friends and strangers. I’ve learnt so many creative skills that I can only use in Second Life, so Fantasy Faire is one of those events that allows you to really push your art to the limits, and for a great cause XD.

The Market of the Bazaar Dungeon – picture by Loki Eliot.

Tell us about The Bazaar Dungeon. How was it born, what is its story? I hear there’s also a Region Quest?

At last year’s Fantasy Faire, I think I was discussing with some friends about Dungeons & Dragons Tabletop gaming and that exploring sense of adventure you get from walking through tunnels. It planted a seed in my head of an idea where after visiting many open sky worlds you suddenly enter Dungeon Tunnel world where every corner turned is a mystery uncovered, just like the old dungeons and dragons games. Late 2017 i contacted the Fantasy Faire organisers and submitted my idea to which they seemed rather hesitant and concerned about an entire region enclosed underground. All through the building process I was being asked questions, being reminded of concerns LOL, I’m very thankful for the trust they put into me and I’m so pleased with the response from the organisers as well as the public.

The story behind the Bazaar Dungeon tells of how an elvin race created a vast prison to incarcerate those who broke their laws. At i’s centre stood a giant Sentinel Cyclops whose gaze could see everyone in the prisons labyrinth of corridors. Anyone who tried to escape the prison would quickly find themselves tricked into returning to the centre by the Sentinels mind manipulating tricks. Many centuries passed and the prison seemed forgotten by the outside, its inhabitants lived and had children believing this was the world. That was until a sympathetic djinn spirit took pity and gave the people magic dust that when sprinkled on the ground grew into glowing mushrooms creating a trail through the dungeon corridors to freedom. Upon the Sentinel’s great eye a purple line appeared blinding its watchful gaze to the glowing path. And so it was that the Prison was open to the outside world and quickly became a bustling Bazaar of trade.

There is a sort of region quest. Basically, if you venture off the glowing path and explore the labyrinth of side tunnels there are traps and monsters. You can sometimes hear the screams of those that wander into a monsters grasp. Then I realised I really should reward the efforts of those who go explore, so there is now a Treasure Chest of Gold in a room if you can find it.

Sentinel Stages

Your roleplay group plays within The Bazaar Dungeon: tell us about the storyline and the roleplay. Do you build the whole region around the roleplay idea, or do you adapt roleplay storyline to the region concept?

Being on the Role-play Team as well as the region builder does help with integrating the Role-play Stories. I get to do things like build entire hidden rooms and set up set pieces for encounters that will take place. I also can build with the role-players in mind so their history is included as part of the build. Each year our RP group roleplays a different story but there is always something connecting them to previous years. Those who came to the previous year get the bonus of understanding threads that weave from year to year. This year the kid avatars Role-play is a bunch of pick pocketing street urchins in the theme of magpies and they basically like to steal shiny things.  I created a special nest HQ for them to hang out high above the Sentinel statue and their clothes fit in with the aesthetic of the Dungeon.

When was your first Faire? How did you find out about it, how was it like coming to the Faire the first time? 

I think my first Fantasy Faire was in 2012 or 2013. Some friends asked me to help make some stuff for the role-play group at the time and I was blown away by the regions and the atmosphere. It was a while before I even realised it was a big shopping event, but that’s what’s great about Fantasy Faire, it is so many things condensed into a couple weeks.

Do you spend much time in the Faire? What do you do during Faire-days? Is there something you always look forward to?

I’m still building LOL. People seem to think once the Faire opens then I’m done, far from it. I’ve swapped my Faireland Builders hat for a Role-play Organisers hat and I’m still working on assets for the Role-playing events taking place this week :-p.

I look forward to watching people explore and enjoy themselves, especially this year as they venture into the side tunnels stepping on traps, being crushed by moving walls. I love seeing the variety of avatars. I will eventually find some time to go explore the other regions at some point :-p

I’d like to thank the organisers for giving me the opportunity to build for Fantasy Faire again, and thanks to everyone who’s messaged me kind comments about the Bazaar Dungeon. Happy adventuring!

Thank you, Loki, for taking the time to chat with us. Thank you for creating yet another Faireland full of adventure for us to enjoy!

The Bazaar Dungeon – picture by Loki Eliot.

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