Meet Our Sponsors: Silvan Moon Designs

Bee Dumpling and SolasNaGealai, the creators and owners of Silvan Moon Designs, have been involved with the Faire for many years. This year they are sponsoring April Showers Ball, the perfect occasion to wear something stunning like their creations. They have also once again donated the fantastic outfits for the DeLuxe versions of the Hunt HUDs of our Fairelands Quest, so you can adventure in style! They speak of their love for the Faire, their creation process and its development and take a trip down the memory lane to their very first Fantasy Faire.

You have been sponsoring Fantasy Faire for many years. How does the experience change with the years? Is there anything that stays the same?

Bee – My first Faire was many years ago, not as a participant, but as an observer. I have loved fantasy all of my life, so it was very intriguing to visit an event of such magnitude, with such singular conviction to a cause. I was blown away, and I made it a personal imperative to become more involved the following year. The Faire has evolved in so many ways. I know what it takes to administrate an event, but one so large takes an incredible team. The Faire has always been well planned, and organized, but it just gets bigger, and better each year. The sheer size of this event would be too daunting for even the hardiest of event planners, but the Fairelander Team are up to whatever challenge is before them. The determination, and stalwart conviction to wipe cancer from the face of our planet, is exemplified in absolutely every aspect of the Faire. Time, talent, and visual treasure! In a word: Amazing! I am so humbled to call the Fairelands home. The financial, and emotional impact this event has on the lives of those who are fighting, and surviving, is immeasurable. GO RELAY!

Bee Dumpling

When was your first Faire? How did you find out about it, how was it like coming to the Faire the first time?

Solas – My first Faire was about seven years about and I was blown away by the size and the amount of people that gathered together for such an amazing cause, but mostly it was the astonishing sim builds, avatars and wonderful role play that got me coming back to explore every day it went on. Now Fantasy Faire is the highlight of my year.

What are you bringing to the Faire this year? 

Solas and I have been very busy this year. We design for roleplay events each month, so when we rolled into 2018, we both began planning for the Faire, which is our absolute favourite! We have several exclusive collections lined up for this 10th anniversary! We’ve even got a men’s collection! We were also honoured to have been able to provide the Faireland’s Hunt Travelers Sets. SO much fun!!

How has Silvan Moon Designs evolved during the years of your collaboration?

Solas– Bee and I have so much fun creating together, we trust each other completely. We have a Pinterest board we put inspiration on, but we think so much the same that a person really can’t tell who pinned what. I do all the mesh building and rigging and hand it to her as an empty white canvas, it’s like Christmas when I see the finish product. She makes each one more and more beautiful! Love working with her!

Bee – Solas and I are on the same plane of creative existence. HA! We just compliment each other so well, and I am so thankful she is in my life. Not only is she an amazing mesh builder and rigger, but she is also a wonderful person. A win-win! We continue to hone our craft. We never stop learning! We’ve had some ‘gowns from the depths of Hades’ that frustrate us and make us want to pull out our hair. But we always learn from the process and it’s really great to have someone to walk through that process with you.


What is your favourite part of the Faire, what are you looking forward to most this year?

Solas– I love chatting with all the people I meet, exploring all the amazing sims, roleplaying with some is great.. I really look forward to it all, and to think this is all to raise money for a great cause, really how better can it get?

Bee – I’ve always been a very internalized person. Very introspective, and introverted. The Faire is a place where I feel at home, and where, I come out of my clam shell for just a moment or two. Everyone here is so supportive, and the mutual love and respect is evident in every aspect. There is the exploring! The world builders bring their best every single year. To see their creativity realized in such virtual splendour is something I am very excited about. And, of course, the hunt. I LOVE the hunt. I highly recommend it. And not just for the cavalcade of swag at its completion, (although this is pretty freaking awesome), but for the immersive, engaging story, the mystery, and the thrill of the hunt!

Thank you, Bee and Solas, for taking the time to chat with us! Thank you for being Fairelanders, and supporting the Faire, year after year!

The outfits for the DeLuxe Edition of Fairelands Quest Hunt HUD: adventure in style! – picture by Alisaundra Andel

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