Events to anticipate at Fantasy Faire

There’s so much happening this year.

There’s the Quest, the region quests, the roleplay, the tabletop games, the Literary Festival (and the Literary Tours of the Regions), George RR Martin Day, dance, particle and theatre performances, Jail and Bail (courtesy of the strong arm of the Fairelands Pawlice), the One Team initiative, voting for the King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire, the Silent and Live Auctions, and of course the amazing parties …

To see more about the events – with links to the pages on the website, read on!

Don’t miss the Faireland’s Quest … this year the Bardic Order of the Fairelands is in need of assistance. They’re sworn to help the Bard Queen in her fight against the Unweaver! Explore the region for clues – and to gain prizes, and then dare to enter the dread caves of Nedra to win the greatest prizes of all!

Find out more at:

And there are other games quests going on too – with interactive stories and mysteries to solve in Sanoria, Astrid’s Nemeton and the Bazaar Dungeon. Travel to those regions to discover more.


There’s roleplay going on across the Faire, ongoing interactive stories that you can join in with. There’s the young Magpies in the Bazaar Dungeon, the dark roleplay of Sanctuary on Severina, and the steampunk/Sidhe (She) crossover of NeoVictoria on Athenaeum Arcana, with opportunities to meet the roleplaying community of Luth on Severina. (BYO spiders)

And if you are interested in but new to the concept of roleplay in SL, or just want to polish your style, there are daily role play classes on Falls of Hope to help!

For more details see:

This year, for the first time, there will be tabletop roleplay gaming at the Faire, with a wide range of games available, located in Halls of Story and the Bazaar Dungeon. You’ll find more information at:


There’s a Literary Festival on Halls of Story that you won’t want to miss, with author talks, writing workshops, poetry sessions, readings and discussions. Featured authors travelling to the Faire from a strange world that calls itself real are Tom Lloyd and Danie Ware.

And to celebrate our fundraising cause of the Hope Lodge in Kenya this year, there will be special events on Sunday April 22nd.

Don’t miss GRR Martin Day, with talks, readings and a special Game of Thrones party! That’s Wednesday April 25th.

There will be Literary Tours every day at 5pm, and stories and poems relating to the regions will be published on the Fantasy Faire website and blog.

For more details see



Throughout the week, you’ll have the chance to see some of the greatest dance, particle and theatre performances in Second Life.

We have two theatres this year – here at the Story Well and at Astrid’s Nemeton. Fifteen different amazing groups will be performing spectacular shows – you can see all the details at

And of course, our own Faireland Players will be back with two Shakespeare plays – a reading of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and a full performance of Much Ado About Nothing, featuring the Hey Nonny Nonny song!


Jail and Bail is a long-standing Faire tradition of the Fairelands Sheriff’s Association apprehending well-known criminals and imprisoning them. For some reason the said criminals are often found amongst our creators and world builders, much to everyone’s shock and dismay. The Tiny Sheriffs tend to be merciful if enough donations are gathered in the RFL kiosks present at the public jailing. Expect to see some worthies banged up this year – so come and party to let them out (or keep them in)!

You can find out who is on the warrant sheet at


We’re building on last year’s One Team Day to lend our support to nine Relay Teams, three experienced hands who’ll be acting as mentors and six newer teams that we plan to boost in true Fantasy Faire style! They’ll mostly be based on Astrid’s Nemeton – and there will be special events going on there all week. Watch the blog for details!

You can find out more at the One Team Initiative:


Don’t miss the opportunity to vote for the rulers of Fantasy Faire! Nominations are still open until 12 midnight SLT at the end of Saturday 21st April, and after that the voting will commence! Details are here:

The winners will be announced at this year’s Live Auction. Ah yes … the Auctions …


The Silent Auction is a week-long auction featuring plenty of one of a kind items or enormous fatpacks and rare deals.

The auction naturally benefits Relay For Life and uses RFL’s auction boards. Browse the auction, make your bids and make sure to check back often to make sure you’re still the highest bidder! The auction boards send you a message when you’re outbid, but we all know how reliable SL can sometimes be, so better check than sorry!

The traditional Live Auction takes place on the last day of the Faire. This is when unique items, including some of the Faire builds, sometimes even whole Fairelands, are auctioned off to benefit Relay For Life.

More details coming once the Fairelands are open, so keep an eye on the website at:


Did I hear you say “parties”? There will be parties throughout the Faire – the April Showers Ball on April 28th, the Xanadu roller disco on Sunday 29th … Jail and Bail parties, the LitFest Game of Thrones party, and parties everyday on the Fairechylde, our beloved dragon-borne party ship!

There’s a full schedule here:


Keep up to date with Fantasy Faire radio – you don’t have to be in the Fairelands to keep up with all the latest news and listen to great music! Tune in at:


To keep up with ALL the events at Fantasy Faire, see our calendar of events.

With so much going on, we recommend that you click to Agenda to see the events day by day!


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