Meet Our Sponsors: Spyralle, Dragon Magick Wares, Tai’Dyed & Sandhands

Kerryth Tarantal of Spyralle, Ktahdn Vesuvino of Sandhands, Dragonia DeCuir of Dragon Magick Wares and Tai’lahr Winnikow of Tai’Dyed have joined forces to sponsor the Faireland of Sanoria this year.  They talk about how their cooperation to sponsor started this year, what they most enjoy in the Fairelands, and reveal some very teasery sneak peeks of their Faire-wares!

Some of you have been sponsoring Fantasy Faire for many years, for some this is the first year. What made you join forces? What made you decide that you wanted to sponsor Fantasy Faire?

Ktahdn: One day I just happened to see a notice from Oldesoul. “Want to be a Fairelands sponsor? Act now!” Without thinking about it very much, I sent a note to Elizabeth and found out that my resources could sponsor a region.

So… what do I do with this? I wanted to help the Faire but I have no real need for store space, being mainly an itinerant DJ with a photography sideline. Then I realized I have merchant friends! I told them what I’d done, and there was excitement in the air.

Reasons are complex and slippery. For me, the short answer is “the people.”

Beyond that there’s the fact that cancer touches everyone and the ACS does good work. When I was young a cancer diagnosis was seen as a death sentence; people counted days. Now I know people who are alive today because of cancer therapies developed in the last 10 years.

Kerryth: Sponsoring a Fantasy Faire sim has been a goal of mine for at least 6 years. Fighting cancer is a cause that is deeply important to me personally. Every year I try to make a bigger commitment for Fantasy Faire, so when the opportunity to sponsor a sim came up this year, it was a fast decision. The four of us have a history of teamwork on various projects, and Dragonia and I shared a Fantasy Faire sponsorship last year, so teaming up for Sanoria seemed natural.

Dragonia: We have all been friends for many, many years. So why not join forces and work together. It gave us all a chance to do something bigger for Fantasy Faire 10!

Tai’lahr: Why did I decide to join the others to sponsor a Faireland sim this year? I really didn’t give it much thought, honestly. It’s a good cause and we have a lot of fun in the process, so when the opportunity was presented to me and I had the funds available, I said yes. Ktahdn has probably already told you how it all came together, but basically, we’re all friends who have been involved in the Faire and joining forces made it feasible for all of us.

Kerryth Tarantal, the creator and owner of Spyralle.

When was your first Faire? How did you find out about it, how was it like coming to the Faire the first time?

Kerryth: I’m sure I attended the 2009 Faire – the evidence is in my inventory! – but I have no memory of it, and I took no pictures. I probably found out about it from a group notice. I do remember 2010 and how impressed I was by the imagination of it all. I became determined to become part of it. The following year I felt confident enough to apply as a merchant, and I had a shop in Dark Mirage, which was utterly intoxicating as a vision, a place. I look back on that year as the time Fantasy Faire “really” began for me, when I started living in the whole experience, every moment I could be there. It was magical.

Dragonia: Uhhh years ago, lol. I think my first faire I participated in was in either 2011 or 2012. I have visited FF every year since it started. It was and is my favorite event in SL.

Tai’lahr: I believe I first heard about the Faire from Kerryth in 2012, but my computer wasn’t able to handle a visit until the next year. I was captivated from the first visit, in awe of the beauty and magic of truly enchanted fairytale settings. I played the Key of Hope quest that year and have done the quest every year since. Not only is it fun and challenging, but it’s a great way to see the Faire. So, the quest is probably my favorite part and what I look forward to doing at the Faire every year.

Ktahdn: I first participated in the 2016 Faire. I’d heard about it in previous years when friends said my style of musical program would be a perfect fit. I saw myself as a very small-scale musical curator doing programs for friends. In 2015, however, Perryn Peterson of Mieville asked me to be the DJ for their weekly theme dance, temporarily. Over the ensuing months “temporary fill-in” somehow turned into permanent. This had a subtle effect on how I saw myself as a DJ.

In early 2016, Kerryth started talking, again, about Fantasy Faire. My experience at Mieville caused me to take a larger view of things. While I was thinking, Dragonia acted and sent me the URL to the DJ sign-up page. OK, I can take a hint.

I knew nothing about the Faire, other than the name. I focused on music, at first. The Fairelands gradually pulled me into this new world; I did the Quest, explored the less-known corners, and began to see and feel the extent and power of this creation.

In 2017 I signed up again. About two weeks before the Faire opened, reality caught up with impressions–the Faire is a Big Deal–and left me with a case of stage fright unlike anything I’d experienced before. I came close to cancelling, but friends convinced me that my voice was worth hearing. The show went on.

Dragonia DeCuir, the creator and owner of Dragon Magick Wares.

What are you bringing to the Faire this year? 

Kerryth: My work has shifted more toward decorative items and small builds this past year, though I still make wearable things. There will be some of each, provided it all gets finished in time. For the RFL products, I was inspired by the description of Sanoria, by the idea of artifacts left behind by a mysterious, vanished people. Some of them appear to have a function, but their purpose is unclear…

The image is a teaser, color coded, not yet textured, of an artifact I call the Timepiece. It Does Things, but what it is doing can only be guessed.

Timepiece teaser from Spyralle.

Dragonia: I can tell you magic and dragons will be involved. Maybe some other things depending on the time frame. I did however include a sneak peak at one of the RFL items.

Teaser from Dragon Magick Wares.


I’m not really much of a merchant. I just like to build and script and sometimes I end up with something I think is worth boxing up for sale. I tend to give away more than I sell and spend much of my time assisting and supporting others’ endeavors. I do some scripting for Kerryth and we collaborate on some projects and I’ve become involved in the Faire because of her.

In 2016, Kerryth encouraged me to package my Nebula Dance Costume for sale and gave me a spot in her Fantasy Faire shop. In 2017, we worked together on the Starseeker outfit and Add On Packs for our respective RFL vendors. This year, I’m introducing a new version of the Nebula Dance Costume: the Mandelbrot Edge with a texture created by Kerryth. Two of my RFL vendors will be the two different versions of the Nebula Dance Costume, both in Fantasy Faire colors.

Last summer, I started making 3D animated signs with quotations and some type of action on each. I’ve made two of those for RFL vendors at the Faire:

I like the Andra Day song, “Rise Up” and chose a line from it that I felt could be meaningful to everyone involved in the fight against cancer: patients, caregivers and all of the Fairelanders, too. “All we need is Hope and for that, we have each other.” On this one, the animation is simple – just stars twinkling in the background. The other one is a bit more complicated and even includes a menu so the owner can choose which parts to have active. Dory’s message to “just keep swimming” in the movie “Finding Nemo” really resonates with me as I believe it does with many others.

Ktahdn: The main thing I will bring to this year’s Faire is music. One set will be on the theme of “not quitting.” The other, I have yet to decide.

I will also have some photographs in our store on Sanoria. I like looking closely at things, and the camera allows fleeting light to be slowed down enough for me to see the details. I have a blog where I post some of these photographs.

Tai’lahr Winnikow, the creator and owner of Tai’Dyed.

Do you spend much time in the Faire? What do you do during Faire-days?

Kerryth: I’m there as much possible, day and night, exploring, wandering and shopping, with Fantasy Faire Radio as my soundtrack. It’s like walking in a dream. And all the fun things – performances, Jail and Bail, gatherings, impromptu craziness, simply hanging out and dancing – I love it all! I have the radio on and group chat open all the time (though I don’t say much) so even when I’m not at the Faire, I’m at the Faire, if that makes sense.

Dragonia: I don’t really pay attention to the time. I try and visit everyday while its open. I love to explore the beautiful creations the builders have done with the sims and take pictures. And of course shopping!

Tai’lahr: I seem to spend more time at the Faire with each successive year. I do the quest and attend some events, but spend most of my time just wandering from sim to sim, enjoying the beautiful and imaginative builds, and shopping, of course. I try to look in every shop and at least see what they’re offering in the RFL vendor.

Ktahdn: I do spend some time there. I do the quest because I like stories. I wander the Fairelands, and this year I’ll be taking pictures for a planned slide show. I will also be looking for plants to add to the mainland property I bought because of the increase in tier. I keep my eyes open for pick-up events, such as the famous gangnam dance at San Mora last year, and the casual role-play events.

Ktahdn Vesuvino, the creator and owner of Sandhands, and one of the Faire DJs.

What is your favourite part of the Faire, what are you looking forward to most this year?

Kerryth: Faire people are delightful, and the community is so special – it’s like we all get together for this big family vacation in the best amusement park you could ever imagine! At the same time we’re doing something important together, something we all believe in. It lifts my heart. And I love exploring, going everywhere, looking at everything, finding the special little details the builders have hidden in out of the way corners. The Quest is perfect for that. But there is one particular thing I’m especially looking forward to. Every year, toward the end of the Faire, I realize I have absolutely fallen in love with one of the regions. I never know which one it is going to be. It’s never the one I expected, and it is usually not where my store is, but it becomes “home.” I spend more time there each day and try to be there at the end. It’s where I leave my heart when the Faire goes back to the mists. I can’t wait to discover that place this year!

Dragonia: I don’t really have a favorite part because I love it all ❤

Ktahdn: I look forward to spontaneous surprises. Go in with open eyes and ears to see what wonders people have made

Thank you, Kerryth, Dragonia, Tai’lahr and Ktahdn for taking the time to chat with us. Thank you for your continued, increasing involvement with the Fairelands, and for the magic each of you brings into them!

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