Meet Our Sponsors: Eagle’s Photo Studio

Vecchio Barbosa of Eagle’s Photo Studio.

Vecchio Barbosa co-owns Eagle’s Photo Studio with his partner Alliah Jewell. Vecchio shares their reasons to sponsor the Faire, talks about their photography and their plans both for the Faire, and for the world behind the screen.

This is your first year sponsoring Fantasy Faire. What made you decide to become a sponsor?

In July last year my wife finally lost her fight against cancer. So I wanted to support any effort to win this war. I sponsored Unmasking a Cure (UAC) Medieval Faire as its theme was very familiar to me. Unfortunately there will be no event this year. On the other hand I always admired FF and the Fairelanders. But as I am no artist, sponsoring seems the only way for me to give a little support for the Faire.

How did you begin taking photos in Second Life? What inspires you the most in here?

I am a hobby photographer in RL ( see my flickr page:, so my first idea was to do photographing in SL too. Particularly as there are so many fantastic sims around, where great artists build their view of the world.

My partner Alli (Alliah Jewell) gives me such a lot of “good vibes”, in fact she may be the better photographer. I am the deliberate one, she is more emotional – we are a perfect couple as “Eagles Photo Studio”.

I get a lot of inspiration from interesting sims, but even more I love to make portraits of avatars. I always try to get my mind into the person I take a pic of, just like being in love with her or him.
That is why we choose the slogan “We do what we do with love”.

Vecchio Barbosa and Alliah Jewell, the owners of Eagle’s Photo Studio.

What are your and Alli’s plans for this year’s Faire? Do you visit or participate in Faire-events? Is there something in particular in the Faire that you feel you absolutely must see?

There are some creators, which builds I absolutely want to see like Sharni Azalee, Marcus Inkpen and Elicio Ember. Alli will fulfill her duties as a Tinie with the Fairelands Watch and of course we will attend the formal final ball!

What calls you to fantasy? When was the first time you encountered the genre and realized you enjoyed it?

Fantasy is something my mind needs, it is just as letting it take a walk outdoors of the usual life. Then things like a “Lightning Conductor for Excessive Flashes of Thoughts” are created in RL. Also I am captivated by the possibilities SL offers where there are no RL constraints like physics or money. Ancient Egypt and the European Middle Age are fascinating time periods for me and I love to use them as a paradigm for my works.

Alliah Jewell of Eagle’s Photo Studio.

Do you have a favourite Faire memory? What are you looking forward to most this year?

Very memorable moments have always been my visits to the Fantasy Faire and since about one year the parties I give for my friends every second month.

One of the most important moments in SL was when I met Alli (Alliah Jewell), who is now my wife. She was the one who changed me from a “newbee” to a mature avatar and still is doing all “cosmetics” on my avi.

What I am looking forward most this year? – Alli will come to Europe and we will have seven heavenly weeks in RL together. Here Real Life and Second Life meet in a wonderful way!

Thank you, Vecchio, for taking the time to have a chat with us. Thanks to you and Alli both for sponsoring the Faire and joining forces with the Fairelanders!

Eagle’s Nest.


2 thoughts on “Meet Our Sponsors: Eagle’s Photo Studio”

  1. What Vecchio and Alli have modestly forgotten to mention is that they are usually among the „first respondents” whenever moral and financial support is needed for an important cause in SL. Their generosity and good intentions are highly appreciated by many, and I’m glad they’ve joined the Fairelands crew both as sponsors and members of Da Pawlice… 🙂

    1. Dear Ursula, thank you very much for this comment. I did not mention the circumstance you brought up because it seems so self-evident for Alli and me to try to help and support our friends. I get a large amount of energy from doing so and it is such a exhilarating feeling having done something good to somebody.
      I am proud to be able to support the Fairlanders and thru them also RFL!
      Vecchio Barbosa

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