Calling All Chroniclers: Blogger Applications Open!

The Fairelands are taking form and approaching our mortal realms with increasing speed, day by day coming closer. It’s time to send out the Call for Chroniclers, to summon the Heralds of the Fairelands! In more mundane language: to open the blogger applications.

Blogging the Faire can take many forms, just as the Fairelands do. Perhaps you love visiting events and writing about them, perhaps you want to focus on the review copies and fantastic Faire wares and display those for other shoppers to see, perhaps creating characters and taking pictures on our beloved fantasy continent is more to your style, maybe you want to write about your brave struggles with the immersive Fairelands Quest, maybe you want to share your reasons to Relay while visiting the Memorial, or perhaps you want to participate in the various roleplays going on in the Fairelands and report that.

All I ask, all that the Fairelands ask is that you act as their Herald, as their Chronicler. Spread the word far and wide, enjoy the Faire Life and choose your style of blogging as it best befits you. Come join us in this tenth Fantasy Faire, come celebrate the whole decade of imagination.

Let the Fairelands inspire you to join the legacy!
Onward to the Info and Application!

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