Fantasy Faire Closing Party on Monday, 1 – 7 PM

Fantasy Faire 2017 - Open Flight
Opal Flight – picture by Wildstar Beaumont

On Monday, May 1st, Fantasy Faire 2017 will hold one last, very special event at Opal Flight.

From 1 to 7 pm, the Fairelands will celebrate the One Team Spirit of the Relay For Life of Second Life by inviting six fantastic RFL Teams to come and Relay with us. Join us as we open our gates, our arms and our hearts to these Relayers. They will bring their own team’s donation kiosks, and we will help them to reach closer towards their goals.

Fantasy Faire Radio will be there, of course! The afternoon will begin with Elrik Merlin, who will spin from 1pm to 3pm. David Abbot takes the helm from 3pm to 5pm. And Zander Greene will round out the night, from 5pm to 7pm.

Join us for a day of fun, and fellowship as we say farewell to the Fairelands for another year. And help us share the magic of the Faire with these brave and noble Relay Teams.

One World. One Vision. One Team. Together, we are The Cure!

– Zander Greene

The Teams joining us in the Closing Party are:

1 – 2 PM Foundation For Life

This is Team Foundation’s 6th year to relay for RFL of SL. They represent a very global community, Their Captain, Step Portilo is from Brazil and their Co Captain, Luna Portilo is from Germany . This is their 6th year of relaying for RFL of SL.

Team Foundation is always working with dedication and love to all noble causes. To provide services for the Global Culture and Language and World entities supporting the RFL Second Life. services: Events (Arts Exhibition, DJ Events, Live Concerts, parades, Poetry Art and culture.)

2 – 3 PM Team Hope Haven

This is Team Hope Haven’s 4th year to relay for RFL of SL. They also represent a very global community. Their new captain this year is one known by many – LadyKay Gable. The past captain, however, many loved and adored especially among Survivors and Caregivers, Poppy Zabelin.

This is their 4th year as a team but all have been in relay for a long time working with many teams. They relay so that no one has to walk this journey alone.

3 – 4 PM Team Meli’s Maniacs

This is Team Meli’s Maniac’s 4th year to relay for RFL of SL. Their Team Captain is Jenneh Thursday, but they are a team that works hard together. They do many multi team events with other teams, always encouraging others. This team is also very well known in Volunteer chat answering questions and helping wherever they can.

Meli’s Maniacs Relay in memory of our sister and friend Melisande Ventris and all other families affected by cancer in the hopes that someday no one will ever hear the words “You have cancer.”

4 – 5 PM Team Too Tough To Die

This is Team Too Tough To Die’s 5th year as a relay team. Under the guidance of Mayor Adrian Wise and their captain DollEyes Barbosa. In the virtual world of Second Life, Tombstone, Arizona is a role play area comprised of 9 sims dedicated to life in the wild west in 1899.

Team, *✰* *’*•✶ TOO TOUGH TO DIE ✶•*’* *✰*, is made up entirely of Tombstone Role Players who utilize their tremendous spirit and creativity to raise awareness for the silver bullet that will put cancer out of circulation permanently!

Tombstone is proud to be part of the Relay For Life. Its Travelers, Residents, Critters, Native Apache and Navajo members, outlaws, and the Law abiding young and old alike all help to raise funds for Relay For Life.

5 -6 PM Team Mieville Steampunks

This is the third year for Team Mieville Steampunks but as with others, many have been involved in relay for many years. They relay to honor those that I know that lost the fight, and keep relaying for those still fighting.

Mieville is a wonderful community of humans and tinies who love steampunk and have many wonderful events and activities. They also do dual team events – to help others.

We have a very special Fairelander who is on this team. Our dear Snugglefox, Wyvvy is a proud member of Team Mieville Steampunks.

6 – 7 PM Team Core Charities

This is Team Core Charities’ 12th year to relay! They used to be known as Team Green Lanterns. They are our protectors in many ways. Captain, Trina Alexander Babeli- Keith and her team are true relayers and attend many events as well as hold their own successful events.

They are very excited to be a part of the Faire and very thankful for Faire magic.

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