Support the Fairelands Players!

Last year, the Fairelands Players did a simple live reading of shortened version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This year we have produced a much more ambitious production –  Much Ado About Nothing – which we hope you have all enjoyed.

You’ll be able to hear the radio productions of these plays on Fantasy Faire Radio on special occasions over the coming year.

We would like to go on to develop more plays and performances for your pleasure, and to do this, we are asking YOU to become sponsors of the Fairelands Players.

To do this, we are asking you to sponsor an actor.

Our plan is to create alts who will perform as actors in the productions. We will use the sponsorship to buy everything needed to equip an avatar to perform – skin, clothes, bodies, hair etc etc.

And, because we are the Fairelands Players, 50% of the sponsorship will be sent straightaway to Relay for Life.

If you sponsor an actor, your name (or that of your business) will appear on the actor’s profile (As in “I am a member of the Fairelands Players and my founder sponsor is xxxx”) along with a link to your blog, business or whatever you would like.

We will be starting to sell these avatars after today’s performance of Much Ado About Nothing.  If a group of people would like to get together to sponsor a Fairelands Player, they are very welcome to do so and all names will appear on all publicity.

The sponsorship per actor with be 15,000 Lindens and we are planning to establish three initially after the performance and at the Live Auction. If bid offers go higher than this, we will establish more sponsorships until we have a fully-functioning cast.


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