Much Ado About Nothing: A Faireland Players Production – today at 10am in Opal Flight

Today there will be a second staging of the magical (and we do mean that!) interpretation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing on Opal Flight.

The soldiers, led by the noble Don Pedro (Corwyn Allen) are returning from victory in war and looking forward to a little rest and relaxation. With accommodation generously provided by Leonato (Elrik Merlin), it’s not surprising that some of the army begin to think about love… and young Claudio (Mavromichali Szondi) is much taken with Leonato’s daughter Hero (Christy Grantham/Catalina Staheli).

But one who resists all talk of love is Benedick (Zander Greene). He is completely impervious to falling in love, scorns the whole thing – and Leonato’s niece Beatrice (AvaJean Westland) is in total agreement with him. It’s the one thing that they do agree about – they quarrel about everything else!

But there are plots being formed – plots to make people fall in love… and out of love. And some of these are being helped along by Don Pedro’s resentful brother Don John (Alix Reynaud/Otenth Paderborn) and his follower Borachio (Kayden OConnell).

Will true love be destroyed by evil plotting? Or will the Faireland Pawlice save the day and ensure that true love triumphs?

Come along to today’s special performance on Opal Flight and find out!

Full cast:
Benedick – Zander Greene
Beatrice – AvaJean Westland
Leonato – Elrik Merlin
Claudio – Mavromichali Szondi
Hero – Christy Grantham / Catalina Staheli
Don Pedro – Corwyn Allen
Don John – Alix Reynaud / Shadow Tarber (23rd) / Otenth Paderborn (30th)
Margaret – Aisling Sinclair
Dogberry – Abnor Mole
Verges – Mavromichali Szondi / OldeSoul Eldamar
Borachio – Kayden O’Connell
Conrade – Podruly Peccable
Watchmen 1 – Zander Greene / Linn Darkwatch
Watchmen 2 – Corwyn Allen / Jennylynn Capalini
Sexton – MadameThespian Underhill / Cassie Eldamar
Friar Francis – Rick Forrester / Vasa Vella/Alia Baroque

(Names in plain text indicate voice actors; names in italics indicate stage actors where the voice actor was unable to appear)

Much Ado About Nothing: Production Team
Director – Saffia Widdershins
Audio Producer – Zander Greene
Choreography, Movement and Special Effects – Aelva, Terra Volitant, Amethyst Dovgal, Shadow Tarber
Set Design – Marcus Inkpen
Adapted for Radio by Saffia Widdershins and Zander Greene

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