Opal Flight. photographed by Alisaundra Andel

Live Auction at 3 PM!

Are you sad that the Faire is almost over? Have you fallen in love with a specific Faireland? Do you wish you could take a piece of it home with you? Now is your chance!

Today, Sunday 30th, starting at 3 PM SLT in Opal Flight, we hold our traditional Live Auction where we will auction off pieces of the Fairelands.

There will be parts, pieces and mementos from the Fairelands San Mora, The Hill, The Spirit Pool, The Rose, Opal Flight, Mudrana, Dawn’s Promise, Raven’s Perch and Anansi.

We are also selling off all the Faire Buses again! Have you been on a bus ride in the Fairelands? Would you wish one for yourself? Come make your bid!

From the Literary Festival we have Caledonia Skytower’s books The Blackberry & Other Tales That Creep, which includes illustrations by artist Rick Geary. Plus the new book to be released in May which features the Tales of Gorak the Gobbler. All signed, all in paperback, all shipped to the winning bidders destination of choice.

We also auction off Faireland Player sponsorships! Were you enchanted by Much Ado About Nothing this year? Would you like to sponsor and be involved with the Fairelands Players productions? Bid for a sponsorship! Read more details here.

Join us at Opal Flight at 3 PM SLT!

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