An Ending For The Lilypods at Mudrana: April 29th

Saturday April 29th
The End of The Stone Frog

Saving the Godfrog_001

The Lilypods awoke Saturday morning to a horrible sight. At first they thought the purple miasma was beautiful, but soon discovered that it was the final attack by the Unweaver upon the Godfrog.

Saving the Godfrog_003

The Guardians had worked for two days on a powerful enchantment, that Dogstar prepared for the Lilypods. They would channel positivity into the stones and crack the false Frog Prince and release the woman trapped inside.

Saving the Godfrog_004

Saving the Godfrog_033

There was no time to lose. The Godfrog was weakening with every passing moment, and should he fall asleep all life in the land would perish, including those who were trying to save him!

Saving the Godfrog_024

They stepped into the miasma and brought their joy, charity, and happiness to counter the Unweavers daunting presence.

Saving the Godfrog_012

Soon, to the shock of many the great stones began to rise from the ground. The Guardians had known, that it must be done, but the Lilypods had been shocked. Some feared that the flying stones would fall upon them.

Saving the Godfrog_018

Their fears and disagreements still held them back at first, but Strifeclaw told the children and revelers that only positivity could help them succeed and to believe the stone would not fall and they would save their world.

Saving the Godfrog_031

The negativity slowly faded to warmth, happiness, joy, and charity. Within the first hour of the ritual over 30,000 was raised.

Saving the Godfrog_036

Lilypods shared stories of what made them happy, and as the total given away to charity rose so did the power of the stones. The number more than doubled. 70,000

Saving the Godfrog_042

But they were not done. 90,000 was achieved no more than ten minutes later.

Saving the Godfrog_043

110,000 not long after and the number climbed higher and higher in the hope of saving their world and combating the evil of the Unweaver.

Saving the Godfrog_051

The Frog Prince cracked and the woman’s soul was freed from her suffering prison. She told us the end of her story, and how the corruption began in Mudrana.

Saving the Godfrog_053

Her anger and rage had seethed inside the Frog for centuries, and the poison she had used upon him had also tainted the land. We had eased her rage and soon we would have the permanent cure for the realm.

Saving the Godfrog_059

With the story revealed the power of the Bard King wanned in the realm, and as for the Unweaver his presence had been repelled by the potent ritual that had been powered not by the Guardians or Dogstar, but you. The people of the Faire and the Lilypods who put everything into the fight against the Unweaver and gave your positivity, time, and charity.

Saving the Godfrog_060

In the end over 155,000 Linden was given for this cause, and the Bard Queen, the benevolent protector of the realm, doubled that amount.

314,000 Linden went to helping the Lilypods stave off this tragedy, and it will go on to aid in the fight against another evil in the other realm we all know.

Thank you, Faire Goers, for joining us and caring. Perhaps we will see you again next year.


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