A Healing At Ynys Seamaide at The Spirit Pool: April 29th

Saturday April 29th
The Great Healing

Having made their plan for slaying the dragon the day before, the Envoys of Seamaide gathered one last time at the Spirit Pool, where they were joined by citizens from many realms. As suspected, the Black Dragon circling overhead was slowly descending, as if he knew a battle was about to commence and was taking a position of advantage.


The young girl, Cairann, bravely stepped forward to carry through the task she had been chosen to perform: slay the dragon with Lugh’s slingstone. Almost all present (there was one creature who seemed to delight in the struggle of the others) expressed concern for the child, and it was decided that they would do their best to lure the dragon closer and then distract it so that the child might approach it without becoming its next meal. First one and then another began to dance, taunting the dragon. The official record would claim the dance was begun by Cessi or maybe Lord Vasa or the mother of the child, Lady Aine, or the child’s aunt, the Tavern Mistress.


One of the winged creatures from Seamaide took to the skies and further taunted the dragon. *Snapshot_Dragon!* And little by little, Cairann made her way forward until she was standing almost directly below the ominous dragon. Though they danced, the Envoys and other dignitaries at the Spirit Pool held their breath as the sweet child drew back and hurled the slingstone at the dragon.

Snapshot _ Fling!

It will ever be known that the child was pure of heart, for her fling was true, and the dragon plummeted to the ground, smashing the stone where it landed. She retreated to the safety of her mother’s arms, and all present were relieved that she had not been harmed.

Snapshot _ Most Lovely Lady Ever

With surgical precision, the winged creature from Seamaide carved out the heart of the beast and gave it to the Lord of the Wyldes, who used the symbol of aether to begin the ritual of healing.

Snapshot _ Archdruid Rampant

Four volunteers held the elemental crystals at the cardinal points in a circle around the aether, and others in attendance held crystals they, too, had discovered.

Cessi and crystal

Snapshot _ Crystal Ktahdn

Snapshot _ Heal the Hurts!

Snapshot _ Macabria

All focused on combining their energies into a stream of cleansing power, which grew stronger with each being who added energy to it. Pulses of light shot up from the crystals into the skies, sending sparks in all directions to carry the healing energy of the cleansed Spirit Pool to all the corners of the world. And in the release of energy, all who were present knew that the battle against the Taint, what would be known always as The Great Healing, had turned in their favor because of persistence and determination in finding the crystals, bravery in the face of overwhelming odds, mutual concern and cooperation among diverse groups, and compassionate generosity.

Snapshot _ Beautiful Lady Laila

Snapshot _ Murasaki in Water

Snapshot _ Brave Scoobie

Snapshot _ Brave Kurzar and Jadnay

Snapshot _ Gorgeous Ishara

They Envoys said their sad goodbyes to those who had aided them and hoped they would see them again under more favorable circumstances. After the ships of Seamaide transported the Envoys to the island, along with the elemental crystals, the citizens placed the crystals on the cardinal points of the island as a reminder that the Envoys and all who gave of themselves COULD HELP FIND THE CURE.

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