Roleplay News from Sanctuary at Raven’s Perch: April 28th

Friday, April 28th
The Caverns of Fear: Part 2

“This is a place of death” said MIriamne as they entered.
“Where dark things gather and Gibber…” Said Ktahdn.
“Yessss….” Miriamne let out a slow, echoing hiss, her voice changing from the weight of the magic of the Gems of Defense that she bears, now all seven.

Miss Phire, Bast, and Miriamne

Today our adventurers had a nasty surprise! There was no protest at all, in fact a rather friendly wave from the gargoyles as they rushed further down than they had ever been, following Miriamne and seeking to head off the Snake Cultist, who has dubbed himself ‘The Betrayed’. She assembled the others before the entry to the last cavern, and begged that they hold the line. Then came the cultist…and he had multiplied! And more! Tanith had joined The Cultists as their healer! They had come to a standoff, and their first true battle against each other.

Tanith and the CultistS!
Both sides pounded upon one another, primarily with spells. XIao Xiao hurled her lightning. Miriamne tried to keep up a shield to not allow the cultists to pass. Bast was badly injured and very nearly killed when the cultist animated skeletons who performed a poison arrow attack on her. Several adventurers were injured, also including Xiao, and Miss Phire was also nearly slain by another of the linked Cultists in the ensuing melee. Bast begged of her Goddess while rolling in agony to heal her.

The Cultists Attack!

Miriamne cast a mighty heal, but could not also maintain the shield in that spot. The Cultists joined together their power, in spite of Miriamne’s cry to break them apart. A terrible sound came from the sucking emptiness of the one Cultist’s spell. Miss Phire covered her ears as Miriamne threw up a shield of dancing lights and incredible power.

Xiao Xiao

The Magic of the four cultists, joined together from different universes by the power of the Gems, unites, and a void of blackness attacks the shield.

Prince Bobby and his mighty Slavic squatting, and great magics aside, they could not hold the line there, but had to go below, by the final gate to the temple. As they did, Xiao’s final strike on the one cultist brought the first fatality. He had been the one in the beginning to laugh an empty laugh and say Like a flood we will come and you will see no end I hope you resolve is strong enough for that.”

Extradimensional Cultist _Clone_

By the time that the prime Cultist descended, he was again alone and realized this! He then narrowed his eyes and screamed words that no human should know, words that only those cursed by creation itself would utter! Black tears he had shed upon the ground forced the skeletons to become as giants, and to attack Miss. Phire with bony, poisoned fists.

Miriamne and the Defenders at the Final Gate.

Miriamne hurls an attack at the thing, and Miss Phire sends a vine attack at the cultist that misfires. Prince Bobby comes up from a most dignified squat, and nails the cultist where it hurts the most. That happens twice!

Ktahdn and Miss Phire by the Final Gate.

It does not however stop the Cultist. He uses a skeleton golem attack to force Miriamne to drop the shield in favor of stopping it before it can destroy her comrades, and the Cultist slips through the gate!

The Prime Cultist.


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