Today’s News of Ynys Seamaide at The Spirit Pool: 04/28/17

Friday April 28th
The Final Plan

Yesterday, the Envoys of Seamaide used the found artifacts of the elements to conjure the God of the Sea, who told them what would be required to defeat the circling dragon and to use its heart to turn back the Taint and save the world from sure destruction.

With a mere day and a half left before the prophecy of the Gollum comes true and the Taint destroys the cage holding the Femorians, the Envoys and those from other lands who have come in search of answers met at the Spirit Pool. On this day, they discussed the risk that the child would face when she used Lugh’s slingstone to slay the dragon. This day, they used not their brawn but their brains as all gave ideas for distracting the dragon and accomplishing the task Lugh had revealed to them. Some questioned the wisdom of the ideas put forth, and doubt crept into the minds of some, but in the end, the group agreed they could not give up.

Before the Envoys and the foreigners left the Spirit Pool, each seeking repose until the morrow to prepare for the final task, they agreed on a plan and set the time for reconvening at 10am SLT, Saturday, April 29th. The Envoys need the citizens of all realms to help them destroy the creeping darkness that has spread across the world.

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