Roleplay News from Steelwood on the Hill: April 28th

Friday, April 28th
The End Of All

People gathered the stones of life on the ground and discussed their plan to destroy them and then call Balthezar to test the outcome.


Maraya the shaman begins the ritual by invoking spirits for destroying the stones simultaneously. A lightning rips the sky and hits the stones of life leaving only pieces on the ground.


Max on Maraya’s request calls Balthazar that suddenly appears between them. For few moments he doesn’t realize what happened, but when he does, he goes extremely angry menacing the people around.


People think that the final move is to destroy also the ring, but Laura tossed it somewhere. Luckily they find it while Max tests the powers of Balthezar, now clearly weaker.


Artorias destroys the ring and Balthezar falls on the ground lifeless. At this point Maraya completes the ritual and a big crack swallows Balthezar’s body that before to disappear promises to return.


Now all seems normal, the crystal ball around them vanished and they slowly start to think that is finally all ended. Maraya suggests an animal sacrifice for the spirits, Max and Yami, suggest almost seriously to use Laura as sacrifice due the fact that she still deny what just happened. Anyway they decide to go to sleep for the night and deal with the last issues the morning after.



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