Ursula At The Deep Deep Well

I love to think that I am a person with solid roots in reality, yet these days – I confess – there are times when I almost feel more comfortable among the Faire Folk than in my RL environment.

No, I’m not „losing it” and I have no intention whatsoever to give up material reality and move into one of those lovely houses in Dawn’s Promise or The Rose, however wonderful these lands are. The explanation lies elsewhere.

Cancer is omnipresent, yet it is still surrounded by many misconceptions worldwide. Many people are convinced that a tumour can be infectious, others believe that people with cancer „brought it on themselves”, because they had failed to take proper care of their bodies and minds.

Fantasy Faire 2017 - At The Well

Cancer patients and survivors bear a stigma in many countries, even in the “developed” and enlightened ones. Other people often treat them – us – with a weird mixture of horror and pity, so we feel silenced and invisible, isolated from the “normal” crowd, left alone with our worries and fears in the Twilight Zone.

No wonder many people are reluctant to seek professional help about some alarming symptoms… and when they finally do seek help it is often too late, so they indeed face pain and suffering that generates anxiety and pity in others… this is how the vicious circle of fear and misunderstanding is perpetuated and running, taking more victims at every roll.

You, Faire Folk, are different. You do understand. You frolic around and laugh, but between two silly somersaults you – we – talk about pain, treatments, fear and sadness, losses and suffering with engaging openness… and always, always with hope.

“There’s no worse disease than ignorance” – an anonymous Mexican cancer survivor said once. I’m trying to remedy this disease day after day in real life, and when I feel tired you help me get my legs back, Faire Folk. You’re a miraculous and painless cure for an ailment as dangerous as cancer itself.


3 thoughts on “Ursula At The Deep Deep Well”

  1. Felix… these are difficult times for us all. The monthly checkups… waiting for the biopsy results, crossing our fingers that the values be “within the normal threshold”. All I can tell you is this: you may talk to the Faire Folk whenever you feel you need it. Please feel hugged IRL.

  2. Dear Ursula,
    once again you are sooo right ! And it is really a pain for the patient himself and his relatives. My beloved wife was in remission now for about 4 years, now cancer came back (got the result of a biopsy today) and shes at the hospital for 38 days now… Hard to stand for both of us. But as you say, people like the FF women and men and also you with your empathic posts are a very good support and really give hope and energy for going on …
    Thank you so much !

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