Today’s Roleplay News from Steelwood on the Hill: April 27th

Thursday, April 27th
The Bitter Truth

Max returns from his camp with the diary. Other people join the group and they discover that they can enter in the crystal ball, but they can’t leave it


Max reads the diary and the informations don’t tell how to kill Balthezar but give them more informations about him and the life stones. Someone wonder if they can use them for break the curse.


Laura doesn’t look so normal, she still repeating that is all an invention and that is happening nothing around. Some thinks that she is under the influx of Balthezar.


Max evokes Balthezar that suddenly appears in front to them asking to have the book. He asks him to make them free but he refuses ordering Laura to take Max’s book.


Laura refuses to accomplish and Balthezar angry, goes away promising them a week without food for have them more available to execute his orders, before to vanish again. The crew decides so for a plan.
They will try to destroy all the life stones in once, but they will need the help of one Shaman (Maraya) hoping that is the right solution for destroy Balthezar next time he will appear.


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