Roleplay News from Sanctuary at Raven’s Perch: April 27th

Thursday, April 27th
The Caverns of Fear: Part 1

The Snake Cultist in the Caverns of Fear!

Down and down the Saviors of Sanctuary have gone, needing to follow the now clearly quite mad Snake Cultist, still bent on vengeance. Holding the Gems of the Scepter is clearly causing him to degrade both physically and mentally. Magically however, he becomes more and more powerful! First to be encountered are two gargoyles, blocking the way down.

The Gargoyle Guardians!

The humanity is gone it seems from the Snake cultist, though his shadow is visible…and seems to be soundlessly screaming! Princess Stabbitha notices this and suggests he be burnt as a witch, but Miriamne says it’s too late for that. Astrid states that the price he is paying for his desire for vengeance is rather…large. The Gargoyles meanwhile make clear that they shall not let the adventurers pass! They also make clear to Bunny who hopes that they are not hungry that they always are and have a particular fondness for fairies…such as Bunny.

Bunny, Miriamne, and Ogun's Daughte G RATED

Miriamne has begun to become a bit odd…voice echoing, showing far more power. She assures the others that it is the Gems of defense, but that she will defend Sanctuary the Royal family, and her companions. They are not corrupting her as they are the Cultist’s set of scepter Gems.

Miss Phire and Princess Stabbitha

The Gargoyles then announce “We shall do battle now Fleshlings!” And attack. In spite of being the first to be attacked, with his aura of magic, the Cultist simply goes right by the Gargoyles, leaving the rest to deal with them. Bunny throws dust and rocks. Miriamne is struck by an accidental mushroom stalk attack made by Ktahdn that misses a gargoyle when he trips on a ledge.

Bast and Ktahdn

Miriamne just brushes it off…healing her clothing as that is all that seems to be taking damage. Her aura of magic has also grown. Ktahdn gives her a towel to wipe away the spores. Miss Phire also suffers an injury, and Ogun’s Daughter kisses it away with her healing magics.
Meanwhile, the cultist is hallucinating his dead family, and sees in his false nightmare visions Lut and his family dining upon them!

Adventurers in the Caverns of Fear

Ktahdn finally strikes a gargoyle a powerful blow with a ripped up mushroom. Bunny during the magics is giving off a scent of candy. No wonder the Gargoyles like Fairy! Miss Phire hits one gargoyle with a thorn spell, wrapping it up and making it slam into a ledge. It is then further beaten by the others as only one remains free. That one is hit a most powerful blast of rainbow coruscate rainbow colors from Miriamne, now with six gems of defense apparently very powerful indeed! The Moonstone Djinn then appears!

Miriamne and the Moonstone Djinn

She calls off and heals the almost doomed Gargoyles, making it clear that the seekers of the Gem of Defense and Miriamne, the pure one, are to pass. They then all share chocolate and the Moonstone Djinn asks that when this is all over, they might share tea. It also becomes clear that the Cultist is seeing things, and that something is pulling the strings! The unnamed ones! They have seen a way to destroy the Djinn, and are using him to do so. He sees his dead wife…beautiful as the day they met. And she whispers to him to destroy the Djinn that Lut wished to save Sanctuary…that then they can be together…forever! Bast finds again the Gem of Defense. The seventh and final one. But then…so does The Cultist find the Seventh Gem of the Scepter! And it becomes clear why the Djinn defend this weapon. It can destroy them…even destroy a GOD!

The Cultist Finds the Final Gem.

The Cultist then opens a door in an attack on the Moonstone Djinn, dark hands trying to pull her in. Miriamne’s rainbows of magic stop this. The cultist then declares that he shall return on the morrow. The Djinn makes clear that they shall have to assemble the Gems in the Temple far below…

The Moonstone Djinn

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