The Survivors and Caregivers Centre

Outside Survivors & Caregivers Centre

I would like to take a small brief pause away from the magnificent and magical fantastical world of Fantasy Faire 2017 to point people in the direction of The Survivors and Caregivers Centre in Kakushi Pasu.

The centre is a quiet, but important part of Fantasy Faire where you can find some information about Relay For Life’s support network for cancer survivors and caregivers.

River View

The key message from a centre like this, Fantasy Faire, the other fundraising and awareness efforts within Second Life and the wider network of communities is that we are not alone.

Inside Survivors & Caregivers Centre

Relay For Life in Second Life is of course part of that wider network of communities and as of 11pm, SLT on April 25th Fantasy Faire had raised an impressive L$ 4,457,535 (US$ 17,144).

I thank you all for your time, donations, purchases, effort, wonderful outfits, wonderful company (even the Elves) and wish you all the very best for the rest of Fantasy Faire.

If you would like to visit the centre the SLURL is :

Now I’m off to see what those Elves are up to at The Hill!

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