Roleplay News from Ynys Seamaide at The Spirit Pool: April 26th

Wednesday April 26th
Temptation And Threats From The Taint

Yesterday, the Envoys of Seamaide and their foreign aides were heartened by the revelation of clues that would lead them to the artifacts of the elements. Even more encouraging was the discovery of one of the artifacts: the artifact of Air, found by a winged female from another land.

Growing Group

As they gathered at the Spirit Pool for the seventh day since the Golum told them they had ten days to rid the world of the taint, the Envoys shared information with concerned beings from other lands. Three such beings volunteered to dive into the water in search of the artifact of Water, yet undiscovered. Such bravery was appreciated by the Envoys, who tried their best to warn the volunteers of the dangers they would face. The brave volunteers were undaunted by the reports of illness and other tolls the tainted water had taken on those who had attempted to navigate it in search of the artifact of Water.

And then the mood of spirit and cooperation was … tainted … by a hooded figure who told the group that the Femorians would escape their cages in three more days and rise to destroy the world. This dark figure taunted the Envoys, speaking ill of the Heart Tree, the very soul of Seamaide.

Hooded Male

The mood of the Envoys and aides was darkened by the hooded male, but they banded together, all aware they were forbidden to spill blood at the Spirit Pool, which was overseen by the Goddess herself.

And yet the hooded male continued to taunt the group until the appearance of the Spirit Wolf of Seamaide, a creature revered by all citizens of the land. It sniffed of the hooded stranger and the wolf’s swishing tail and launch-ready position told the interloper that he was little more than prey to her.

Spirit Wolf_001

The hooded male escaped, but the Spirit Wolf followed in pursuit. The Envoys dismissed the incident and continued the search with the help of the foreign aides. Not long thereafter, a shout was heard across the land, “One step closer to cleansing!” ((Attributed to Ktahdn Vesuvino))

With three days left, the Envoys of Seamaide and concerned citizens of other lands have located two of the four artifacts of the elements. They have not given up hope that they will succeed. Help them find the cure for the Taint!

((Note: Search the Spirit Pool sim for the artifacts with the Seamaide roleplay symbol on them. If you find all four and RP at one of the remaining scheduled Seamaide RPs at Fantasy Faire—check the schedule!–to demonstrate you have the items before the grand finale on the 29th, you will qualify for a special, unique gift only for those who participate in the Seamaide quest and RP.)

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