Ursula And The Butterflies

This year’s lands are so inspiring… and while the Fairelands Junction invited me (and many other visitors) to sit by and quietly reflect on the great issues of life for a while, the purplish haze at Dawn’s Promise gave birth to another story.


Other towns had rats and mice for vermin… the City of Purple Dawn had butterflies.

Each year, when the first buds started blossoming on the pink-and-blue Dreamcatcher Trees, the elderly and experienced inhabitants of the City of Purple Dawn pulled out their protective hats and veils from the wardrobe, because they knew the butterflies would swarm in very soon… and when the butterflies swarmed, they meant business.

When the situation became really desperate, and the inhabitants of the City of Purple Dawn could not leave their homes because there were butterflies everywhere, hanging from the trees, walking on the ground, fluttering in the air, the Council of the Wise knew it was time to call Her… Their saviour and benefactor, the Butterfly Wrangler.

Fantasy Faire 2017 - The Butterfly Wrangler

There she came, a beautiful and calm woman, quietly humming a mysterious tone, a cage with a few captive butterflies in her hand. The sea of colourful insects parted before her; then their swirling dance slowly changed as they started following the Butterfly Wrangler, one lepidopteran after another, then dozens, then hundreds, then millions.

The Butterfly Wrangler was leading them out of the City of Purple Dawn, then her figure became small in the distance, surrounded by a dancing and vibrating cloud of colours… and the inhabitants of the City of Purple Dawn sighed, pulled out their brooms from the cupboard, and started cleaning up the streets after the invasion of the flying six-legged vermin.


3 thoughts on “Ursula And The Butterflies”

  1. Your short essays always take me on a brief dream, flying somewhere undefined in time and space … there I see wonderful things… you show them to us in a very descriptive and smoothly eloquent way !
    Thank you again for this tiny trip into another world!

    1. It is the Fairelanders, builders and artists who create a universe where the services of a butterfly wrangler are needed, Felix… I’m just the humble chronicler of their comings and goings. 🙂 Thank you for reading, I still have a few stories untold!

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