The Latest News From Sanctuary at Raven’s Perch: April 25th

Tuesday, April 25th
The Fifth Gem And The Caverns of Fire!

Today our fearless (Well mostly) adventurers ventured down and down, into the caverns of FIRE! The air was thick with noxious gases spewing from natural chimneys of rock, and the place was quite hot. Astrid was right at home.

Our Adventurers in the Cavern of Fire!
There they did battle against a most mighty demon foe! Astrid had spell backfires, as did Miriamne, who tried to heal her, and instead healed the demon! The one demonic hound hung back as the other attacked, but ran after taking a bit of damage, much to the anger of the demon, who called it a cur.

Astrid and Ogun's Daughter beside Miriamne

He wanted to keep her, and all of them, no doubt for fell purposes, being a demon. Instead of wounding the demon, the Snake Cultist launched a powerful spell at Bast, using the Four Gems he already had gained. Ogun’s daughter and Miriamne helped her to heal.

Tanith beside the demon!

A tiny angel baby crawled into the field, and sicked her pixy on him! The demon let out a terrible sneeze, and the angel baby was horrified by the demon snot. Tanith then caught him with an awful coughing fit by use of her pipe.

Angel Baby and her Pixie

The Gem of Defense was found by Bast once more, even as the Ruby Djinn arrived, and called off the demon and his demonic reptilian hounds.

The Ruby Djinn beside several adventurers.
The snake cultist found the Scepter Gem then, and though the Djinn did hit him, he managed to slither with it, to return on the morrow no doubt at all for number six!

The Ruby Djinn, Adventurers, and the Cultist!

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