New from Steelwood on the Hill: April 24th

Monday, April 24th
Bad Things

Balthezar is at the table, eating and speaking with Laura. He offers her a gift for the nice welcome, and looks very kind, also if he avoids to answer to personal questions.


Some Pixies seems to be attracted from his pouch and for distract them, Balthezar gives to them a shiny stone. Maraya joins Laura and suddenly changes opinion on Balthezar. Others find it really suspicious and start to wonder what is happening.


The two wolfmen, one fae and one elf hunter, try to find out the truth about Balthezar, but without too much success. He avoids to answer to direct questions or for them , he lies. Laura looks charmed from him.


One of the Pixie tries again to check Balthezar’s pouch, and he menaces her with a piece of iron with the excuse to warn her. Meanwhile Maraya tries to convince others about the genuine kindness of Balthezar, but others think that he is now also more suspicious. The elf Ithil goes to investigate.


Balthezar answers the questions from her and from the others, revealing the name of his original land. It’s almost day and the people decides to go to sleep. Balthezar asks to Laura a place where to rest and obtains it, with sarcastic comments from the others.


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