More Roleplay News from Steelwood on the Hill: April 25th

Tuesday, April 25th
The Followers

The people wake up in a bright morning and enjoy the food already done on the table. They wonder why Balthezar is not around and about the meaning of the ring that Laura got like gift from him.


Max wakes up too and joins the others at the table, he starts to eat and check the ring too without to find anything of strange


Balthezar wakes up and joins the others at the table, but suddently reveals his true nature leaving others bewildered and unbelieving. Max tries to escape from Balthezar’s trap , but when he realized to be in, is already too much late.


Balthezar explains that he trapped them like in a crystal ball, and now they can’t escape. It’s also useless to try to fight him, his powers are too much strong and they are now his puppets.
Between disbelief and anger , Balthezar announces that Laura accepted his ring, so will be his bride in the hell, making clear that he is a demon.


Suddently Balthezar warns them to touch the glowing stones, or they will die ’cause the crystal ball eats their life essence. Max is weak due the hit with the magic crystal ball and joins the table while Balthezar disappear in a cloud of orange smoke, promising them to return soon.


Laura doesn’t believe in what is happening while others try to find a way to escape. Maybe Max has something in his diary about this demon, but is not sure at all.



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