This is unacceptable!

“This is unacceptable!” – the little Queen stomped outraged, kicking her tiny feet against an imaginary floor.

“The latest of attacks to my domain, dividing our lands, severing communication, trade, diplomacy!”

Her Majesty, Fantasy Fairelander the First, kept raining high pitched notes of disdain and fury on the room, sparkling dust all over the Council and making the elves sneeze.

Moles started to slowly roll in circles as a sign of panic, even the Ancient didn’t manage to hold his nervous paws and started to sway.

“The  Higher forces of Linden are at work to destroy the barriers, but the magic is strong and is taking time!” Said Saffia, already browsing through her diplomatic contacts at hand and preparing messenger butterflies to be delivered.

“We could sacrifice some of the police forces to the Unweaver to get his help, we have enough sheriffs anyway….” Before even managing to complete the sentence a mass of tiny segways bump against David, slamming him down and tiny sheriffs start to rope him with menacing insults.

“What about the power of music? We could rise the volume of all radio speakers in the realm, perhaps will weaken the barriers, but for sure will make people dance and forget all the rest!” – Said Rik, humming already a few songs for the next line up.

“We could distract them with a quest!” Said Encait, investigating the floor for clues.

“No, way. They cannot travel through the realm to solve it!” Said Ash, fluttering her wings and dropping them in sadness.

“Not acceptable! I’ll show them! My people needs unity! Merriment! Connection!”

Queenie kept flying in circles, punching the air as a miniature version of Mocky Stallone, the Bunny sighed trying to order her dress, her list, scribbling on the notepad a lot of Exclamation marks and Zander stepped slowly in the middle of the room, pensive as usual, but not avoiding to throw a gaze at the newly staff members in skirts.

“Hope.” He said – “ Hope is what created us, and Hope is what fuels the realm. The barriers are strong, yes, and people might leave… but just for a while because… Hope is what will neutralize those barriers, and our Fairelanders are full of Hope.”

The room became silent for a long moment, a few hopeful smiles started to appear, and the Queenie, still for a long moment, stretched her toes and arms, looked in the emptiness as she often did seeing things we cannot… then a smile appeared:

“Yes Zander, you are as always right. Our people is stronger than we think and their Hope can destroy all barriers. But meanwhile…. We need the other visitors distracted until the Barriers are defeated. Alia?”

I looked up with a raised brow, exhaling silently in resignation “Yes, Your Highness?”

“Take your shirt off.”

The Sweet Ride On Rough Torrain

5 thoughts on “This is unacceptable!”

  1. Thank you so very much for this thorough report on the meeting of the Fairelands Crisis Team! I laughed so hard that in the end I cried, and I needed a handkerchief… pushing your readers into fits of laughter is indeed unacceptable, Alia! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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