The Very Latest From Sanctuary at Raven’s Perch: April 21st – 24th

Friday, April 21st
The Awful Sewers

Today the Snake Cultist found the second Gem for the Scepter, coming that much closer to gaining vengeance against the Royals.


Our intrepid adventurers on behalf of Sanctuary sought out and found the second gem of defense, after many battles against horrid creature eggs, awful giant flies, a very grumpy crocodile, and several very nasty rats while searching ancient sewers beneath the Oasis.


There was green slime, and a room full of many eyed horrors as well and the smell was not pleasant at all.

As the Cultist spewed his vitriol, Miriamni came in armor and tried to remain calm. Sun and Cinder the dancers held each other, but ultimately it was Sun that found the Gem for the Royals.

Pretty Dark Hair

Many hurled spells and used their weapons. The next level shall come on the morrow. What might it hold?


Saturday, April 22nd
The Prison of The Forgotten, And The Amethyst Djinn

The Amethyst Djinn

Today our intrepid adventurers ventured ever more deeply beneath the Oasis. Now past the horrors of the sewers, they found themselves in the Prison of the Forgotten, searching for the Gem of Defense, as the vengeful, and presumably mad Snake Cultist sought his Gem of power for the Scepter.

Adventurers in the Prison of the Forgotten.

Huge and terrible rats were defeated, as was an enormous louse, which kept sliding into things as it tried to attack. It made an awful mess on the dusty floors. Then came the warden of the place, the Amethyst Djinn. She guarded the retreat to rest of the Adventurers against the other terrible guardians of the place, even as the Cultist again found his Gem.

The Amethyst Djinn as Warden

Fortunately the ever courageous Stryx found the Gem of Defense just before, and gave it to Miriamne to hold. The Amethyst Djinn then revealed a secret as several adventurers began to desire the Gem. It is best that Miriamne hold on to them all, as she is pure. She clarified. A Virgin. Amarok then asked where Miriamne was staying. The Djinn informed him “NOT WITH YOU!”

Amarok and Miriamne


Sunday, April 23rd
The Buried Forgotten Tomb

Picture from the Tomb

Tonight the Snake Cultist forced our intrepid adventurers to continue more deeply beneath the oasis to a long forgotten tomb. There, they first did battle with a horrible monster that had tried to eat Miriamne. It seemed to be a chest but was not!

The Mimic Chest

Ultimately the huge troll warrior MarzkudaTuskbasher, Astrid and the others ended that terror. Miriamne cast spells of healing. Meanwhile, the Snake Cultist was attacked by a horde of scorpions that poured from a wall.

Adventurer Astrid.

Then the Topaz Djinn arrived, and put a stop to the monster attacks on the adventurers, but alas, the Snake Cultist found his gem.

The Topaz Djinn

The two trolls Suluzra and the enormous male desired treasure then, but the Djinn said it would be unwise…as Bast found the Gem of Defense, and pointed out that that was NOT treasure to be raided. Suluzra then asked the Djinn for a kiss instead, even as the Djinn said she’d allow them to take some shiny objects from the tomb she guarded. Lonely and alone in the tomb so long, The Topaz Djinn agreed. Suluzra left singing “I kissed a Djinn and I liked it.”

Snapshot _ Sanctuary, Dark Role Play Sim CCS 8 Tick _7 YEARS O


Monday, April 24th
The Crystal Caverns

The Crystal Caverns

Today our courageous adventurers ventured down into the Crystal Caverns to find the fourth Gem of Defense.

The Black Baron and Strix.

A tremendous battle was had as the search went on with a pair of Cave Monsters. Scales flew! The Black Baron was struck to his knees, but healed by Miriamne, who had also been struck. Strix and Nikki pounded on the creatures, as did Waymon, Ash, and even the Snake Cultist (Though his spell misfired and he was sent flying), his next strike joined with the Baron’s was true, and they killed the second of the creatures.

The Cave Monster

The Baron’s mighty blow had finished the first, though many worked together on that. Bast had moved on to a snake, which wound up as scaly jerky!

The Black Baron

As the second creature was being defeated, the Obsidian Djinn appeared. She had been told of the coming by her sisters. She mourned the loss of her pets in this lonely place, but was understanding of the adventurers and the need to stop the Snake Cultist. Another kiss was given to Suluzra The dead eye troll by a second Djinn sister, and she went off singing “I kissed a Djinn and I LOVED it ultimately.

The Obsidian Djinn
Bast ultimately found the Gem and gave it to Miriamne, whom the Obsidian Djinn pointed out as pure.

Bast gives the fourth Gem to Miriamne

Kane then offered himself up for punishment to the Snake Cultist if he could dine upon said virgin. The Obsidian Djinn informed him that she was not a snack, upon which he left in a cloud of mad laughter for his tomb and his blood.

The Vampire Elder Kane.


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