The Latest From Ynys Seamaide at The Spirit Pool: April 21st – 23rd

Friday April 21st
The Cure Takes Teamwork

The Envoys of Seamaide convened at the Spirit Pool for a second time. This time, they were joined by citizens from other lands who offered suggestions for their quest to find artifacts of air, fire, water, and earth.

Snapshot _ RP 2, 3, Spirit Pool, Seamaide

Perhaps the taint that threatens the world has softened some hearts, for the citizens of Seamaide seemed more tolerant, more caring. After much discussion among the Envoys and Fairelands citizens, the group split into teams, each heading off on its own to focus its investigation on a single element.

Snapshot _ RP 2, 2 Spirit Pool, Seamaide

As the Envoys scattered in the four directions, their whispered needs carried on the winds, “Come, all citizens of the Fairelands. Choose an element and be part of a team that works to find the cure.”


Saturday April 22nd
An Evil Lurks in the Skies

Today, the Envoys of Seamaide reconvened at the Spirit Pool and met up with more citizens from their realm who had just arrived.


The Merfolk and other water creatures were particularly concerned about the taint in the water in Seamaide, going so far as to call it poison. The tales the new arrivals shared were terrifying: Seamaide and the world, just as the golum had predicted, were being killed by the taint. The group quickly assembled all they could find in the Fairelands and asked for their expertise.



As they continued to learn about the taint and how they might stop it, the group couldn’t help but notice that something dark and BIG loomed overhead. The Envoys were relieved that one of their own…


…was there to help protect them from the evil circling overhead.

As the morning turned to high noon, the Envoys of Seamaide, once again with the help of kind Fairefolke, continued their quest to find artifacts for all of the elements.


Their gazes never shifted far from the evil that seemed to watch them from its territory in the skies over the Spirit Pool.


Sunday April 23nd
Clues in the Quest Revealed!

Today, the Envoys of Seamaide gathered for a fourth time at the Spirit Pool.

The Gathering

The group took notice that all are becoming more and more weary. Yesterday, after investigating what may well be a strong clue in one of the pools, one of the Envoys known as Rue showed signs of breathing distress and today seemed to have developed very itchy skin.


The Lord of the Wyldes felt certain Rue had discovered an important Clue.


Other Envoys also were showing signs of fatigue and nervousness, even unsettling dreams. A traveler from another realm rendered aid in trying to resolve what two clues may be: one that should lead to an artifact of Earth and the other that should lead to an artifact of Fire.

Kurzar Lykaios and Rue

The Envoys have set out to search the vast structures of the Spirit Pool. They are certain that therein lie the artifacts.


They have spread the word that all Fairegoers who are quick of wit should come as soon as possible to help them unravel the clues and find the artifacts. The cure depends on the help of everyone in the Faire Lands.

Open Arms



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