Ursula On The Boat

I always look very much forward to the appearance of the Fairelands Junction each year. Saiyge Lotus has such a unique style that one recognises her work anywhere: ancient curved trees with silky foliage, mysteriously sparkling fairy lights, soft blue haze, an entire mysterious world.

I was looking for this year’s Wall of Remembrance and I found candles burning on the roots of a gigantic tree that fell over into a silent pool of water, and a boat – an Italian “gondola”, to be precise – quietly floating among some Japanese paper lanterns.

Maybe I was too tired and moody then and there, but the first thought that came into my mind was that I just found the boat of Charon, ferryman to the Land of the Dead.

Fantasy Faire 2017 - Lights For Charon

And Charon has shipped so many people away from my life. My parents stepped on board decades ago, followed by friends and kin. Two years ago I was sent an invitation to follow them… but I refused to accept the summons.

I am not ready yet, Charon, I am sorry. I still have so much to do before I can follow the ones before me to the Elysian Fields. I promise when the time comes I’ll pay you your due fare, Ferryman… but not today…

…and when I was ready to leave the Junction and the shimmering candles, I realised what I had in front of me was nothing else but a pretty gondola “purely for grape eating purposes”, as Saiyge had carefully labelled the water vehicle before she pushed it out into the pool that reflects candlelight and memories.


6 thoughts on “Ursula On The Boat”

  1. Dear Ursula,
    I just read this post again …
    And I have to say THANK YOU ! And I will fight Charon if he tries to take you away ! (I know I have no chance anyway …)
    PS .: Dragons live nearly forever … – thats my hope !

  2. Ursula, as always your words really move me, especially just now, as (you will know that) I am in an emotionally equivalent situaton … your words lead my thoughts the way …
    Thank you Ursula !

    1. Dear Felix, when we are summoned so that we cannot say no, we step on board… until then we stand in the harbour, waving good bye to the travellers, an important yet very hard task to perform. You and your family are in my thoughts.

    1. Cait… these are the weird moments when SL and RL blend together so much that you are unable to separate the two realms… thank you so very much for listening.

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