Roleplay News from Steelwood on the Hill: April 22nd – 23rd

Friday, April 21st
A Curious Beginning

A group of people find themselves on the lakefront near of a banquet table. Some come from far away, others simply enjoy the late afternoon.


There are also two wolf men who seem to have been friends since the very first moment. Between reciprocal curiosity and some past history, people begin to get confident with each other.

Someone is still distrustful to the two creatures, a lone wolf comes to visit, perhaps attracted by the scent of food.

Suddenly something in the sky attracts their attention, a multicolored sphere, similar to a star, with a blinding light, appears above the lake. What will it ever be?


Sunday, April 23rd
Something Strange
All the people are looking at the bright star over the hills, it changes color and pulses of a vivid light, they ‘ve never seen something like that before.


Animals around the hills look agitated and nervous. One of the goats start to run around like crazy , making weird noises. Laura tries to quiet the goat.


The two wolfmen are agitated and people became suspicious of them. Fortunately all is resolved just with a verbal fight.

The tension in the air is palpable and when they started to think that the star was just a natural event, it fell down from the sky with a big noise.


People decide to go check the impact site, but instead of finding a crater, they find a man who says to be called Belthazar.


Belthazar turns out to be a gentleman even though some of them suspect that his kindness hides much more …



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