Dispatch from the Roleplay: Dissension in the Ranks

“A Dark Circus”
~ Dissension in the Ranks

[This roleplay took place on Saturday, 22 April 2017.]

A Dark Circus Poster
Poster for the NeoVictoria Roleplay Group’s Storycycle

Event Description

On the circus faireland of Anansi, its troupe of performers prepare their acts. But all is not well; dissension brews between the ladies of the high-wire. Could their competition prove too much for the talent scout from NeoLondon?


  • Akai Scorpio as Dr. Seito Akai
  • DarlaDoll as Lula Brass of the Dancing Twins
  • GhostFacedKiller as Lloyd Felix
  • Hmmmph Stenvaag as Amalia, the Oracle
  • LucindaJaneStrathmore as Annabelle, the Tightrope Artist
  • MadMechaMessiah as Umberto, The Magnificent
  • Marchioness as Estrella, Queen of the Trapeze
  • Paisley Dawes as Lydia, the Bearded Lady
  • QuarkZen as Lola Brass of the Dancing Twins
  • SaberBadkatt as Ringmaster Cheeto Flambe
  • TatianaRomanova as Essie
  • Wolf Westminster as Dreamer Domena

[This video plays best at full-screen.]

Fantasy Faire 2017

This roleplay is the third in series being produced by the NeoVictoria Roleplay Group for Fantary Faire and the fight against cancer.

Our next roleplay is Tuesday, 25 April 2017, in Anansi, beginning at 6 PM, SL-time.  You’ll find our performance schedule here.

Visit this page to learn more about The NeoVictoria Project and join us!







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