Meet Our Sponsors: Kingdom of Steelwood

Max Arkala, the leader of the Kingdom of Steelwood.

Max Arkala (Maximillian Loon), the leader of the Kingdom of Steelwood, tells us about his roleplay community, why they decided to sponsor the Faire, how they roleplay at The Hill in the Fairelands, and reveals they will also have a presence in Sansar! Read more about their Faire roleplay and come join in!

This is your first year sponsoring Fantasy Faire. What made you decide to become a sponsor?

Greetings, it’s a pleasure answer to your questions. Thanks for having me here. Well, Steelwood is around now from almost 4 years. I saw the Fantasy Faire in the past editions so this year we decide, according with the admins and players, to take a look more closer to it, joining it . The sponsorship part came after this decision also thanks to the generosity of our players. I have also to say thanks to Stevie Basevi and the Fantasy Faire staff for the great job and help.

Tell us about Kingdom of Steelwood. What kind of roleplay community is it, what is its world setting and background story like?

We are a Kingdom that is based mostly on norse atmosphere , taking from it also some details for our RP. We are not a viking land, this is pretty sure , but at the same time the atmosphere of northern countries is easy to find in Steelwood.

Some building in Steelwood are made on the RL buildings in my town or close to it. I am north italian, and here it’s not hard to find an inspiration for buildings. The same landscape of Steelwood is all based on RL places and really detailed, with a particular care about the low lag and scripts and obviously details. Our roleplay has its own story and lore. We made all the story of the Kingdom that is easy to find on our website, but not all is public, players roleplaying, will discover more parts of it. We have warriors, rangers, healers , druids, shamans and many races like Lycans or fae or elves, humans… etc… also some races that are native in Steelwood, as the wolfmen called Ulfjalls. A really clear set of rules and the total absence of drama makes the sim really enjoyable for players of different ages. The Roleplay is mostly in free form, some players prefer to para-RP, others to RP more naturally, like a conversation. Then Dungeons with prizes, events In Character and tournaments complete all the sim. In other words a lot to discover in the 3 sims of Steelwood.

How is it like roleplaying in Fairelands? Tell us about the storyline there. Can visitors join into your roleplay?

Our roleplay in Fairelands is something of new, not connected with Steelwood lore. We decided to give to our players the occasion to Roleplay something of different during these ten days. This permits 2 things mostly. One, our players can relax trying something of new, and the second, everyone can join the roleplay without to know the lore or the rules of Steelwood. The Rp is a mistery story, a strange object appears in the sky and leaves all the presents to guess what it is. But this is just the start, ’cause a stranger will come in the town and will start to do incredible things, charming most of the citizens and leaving others with a lot of doubts. At this point two factions will raise, the pro and the against, and is easy to imagine how all this will end… The end anyway is fully open, there is nothing of scheduled, so each faction can be the “winner”, if we can define them in this way.

What calls you to fantasy? When was the first time you encountered the genre and realized you enjoyed it?

I started to manage sims in SL more than 13 years ago, Steelwood is just the last one and till now the one that lasted more. Most of my sims were made for entertainment, like dances, clubs, or games. I made in 2010 a sci fi sim that lasted a couple of years, then I decided to switch on fantasy also ’cause I love to build and I wanted to try something of different. I’ve always loved the fantasy genre, just didn’t have the time for develop a game and a sim in Second Life. Steelwood is also present already on Sansar, the new platform from Linden Lab, so everyone will be welcome to visit it with the new stunning graphic of Sansar, when it will be open.

Do you have a favourite Faire memory? What are you looking forward to most this year?

Till now we just did one roleplay and went pretty well, a part some technical problems that are perfectly natural in one event like this one. I am looking for go ahead with the roleplay and involve as many players is possible. Our players are really nice and friendly and I want to share this with the rest of the roleplay community. Steelwood is more than a sim or a game, is like a family and the success of it is thanks to players, admins and co-owner that in these years gave their time and money for it. I hope that this will be clear to the others when they will know us.

Thank you, Max, for taking the time to talk with us. Thank you for bringing your community to adventure and share their lives in the Fairelands!

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