Ynys Seamaide at The Spirit Pool – Thursday April 20th: The Elemental Speaks at the Spirit Pool

Gathering at the Spirit Pool

As the veil to the Fairelands lifted, the Envoys of Seamaide arrived at the Spirit Pool. They were joined by citizens from other realms. After giving elemental sacrifices to the Gods in a ritual led by the Lord of the Wylds, the Envoys sought guidance. An earth elemental answered their call, and with the help of travelers who were able to speak to the stone creature, it gave the group the following dire warning:

Elemental Appears

“The taint,” it said slowly, its voice sounding like stone being dragged across stone, “is a threat to all lands. Already it makes its way even to the waters here. You have little time.” It looked over its shoulder for a brief moment. “Seek out that of earth, wind, fire, and water. Work them together as one, for only their energies together can heal the taint. Be quick. In ten days, the taint will spread. It will spread to more than your small isle. And beware. There are those who seek to stop you in your task.”

“Heal the waters; heal the lands,” he said as he began to dissipate into dust, the magics that sent him to the Spirit Pool now waning. “Ten days.”

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