Sanctuary at Raven’s Perch – Thursday April 20th: The Oasis And The Saga Begins

The snake cultist has proclaimed a terrible grievance with the Sultan Lut…and wishes vengeance upon his entire blood line for it regardless of relative innocence. He seeks magical gems with which to construct a scepter of unbelievable power so as to destroy them all and Sanctuary forever.

Snapshot _ Raven's Perch Sponsored by Rivendale, Ravens Perch (

Miriamne, diplomat for the Royal Family, and the intrepid adventurers of Sanctuary seek to stop him. Meanwhile, shall he remain alone? He does after all have a side…

The Emerald Djinn came to warn him off, and to warn the adventurers as well. On the morrow they begin the decent beneath the Oasis…a long and terrible journey where he will seek his scepter Gems, and they will seek the gems of defense, and battle many monsters along the way!

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