Join us for LitFest Tour 2017 No.1: Mudrana


The benign froggy grin of the statue which has always guarded the pond

We will be visiting Mudrana
Thursday April 20th @ 5pm & 8pm SLT
Friday, April 21st @ Noon SLT

Mudrana (Alrunia Ahn/Luna Barak)
Everyone in Mudrana, the land of the lily pad, praises the godfrog – the legends tell that once the godfrog falls asleep, , the pond dries out, and everything dies. The frogs of Mudrana therefore croak and sing for their god to keep it awake to preserve the world from death.

Please note: you do not need to use any of these ideas; feel free to write about anything in this region.


Day and night the frogs sing among the lily pads and giant flowers, snapping at fat insects that roam the pond. Wispy sprites circle in the moist heat.

Which (or what!) shopkeepers have stores around the pond?
What would delight or dismay the residents?
What (or who!) is attracted by the pollen puffing from the flowers?

They scan the waters for swimming brethren that may become new friends and new voices for the chorus.

Participants are invited to submit pieces written as part of LitFest Tours, or inspired by the Faire Lands, to be included in “Tales from the Fairelands” on the Fantasy Faire website and possibly to be read on Fantasy Faire Radio by yourself or one of our volunteers.

Work may be submitted at any time during the Faire, and we recommend that it be submitted by 11pm the day after each destination cycle has been completed in order to be considered for inclusion in “Tales of the Faire Lands” posts while the Faire is open. Individual writers retain creative ownership of works submitted.


One of the many faces of the green god, ever watchful from all sides.

Compositions of poetry or prose can be submitted in one of two ways:
1. Email to
2. Drop a notecard into the LitFest Tours Submissions mailbox at Fantasy Faire LitFest home base on Kakushi Pasu

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