Daily Recap: Thursday

The Kickoff Party at The FaireChylde – picture by Caitlin Tobias

We wait for them for a year. We wait and remember the last years, we wait and try not to hold our breaths as they begin to take shape: one tree, one tower, one rising hill at a time.

We drive off gremlins from the gears, clean dusty corners, check and re-check and polish, feel our hearts begin to beat with the awakening rhythm of the realms.

The Fairelands have returned. The wait is over and the eleven days of magic are finally here again! We invite you to come and join us: become Faire Folk, find your own story and share it with others.

As the portals opened on Thursday we still had gremlins to chase, but gradually the Fairelands have become stable and welcoming once more.

The busy life of Faire Folk started right away: Literary Festival has returned and is this year located in Kakushi Pasu, the dance and particle performances will be held in Opal Flight, the DJ dance parties are on the deck of our beloved FaireChylde in Kakushi Pasu and the six roleplay groups adventure in various Fairelands.

As Faire Folk began their exploration of their new-risen realms, the roleplay groups of The NeoVictoria Project, The Lilypods, Sanctuary and Ynys Seamaide began to weave their stories in the Fairelands. The Literary Festival held Wolfie’s Poetry Surf and had two Region Tours to Mudrana.

As always, we gathered on the deck of The FaireChylde, our beloved dragon-borne party ship and took the first dancing steps of the Faire with DJs Zander Greene, Rik and Hazard.

There was also a surprising event of a wedding almost gone wrong! AineMari Flanagan, DJ, creator and Faire-sponsor, has been adamant about marrying Sir Null and Void for several months now. This resulted into an event where Faire Folk could decide if this was to occur or not. Voting through RFL kiosks is always a reliable method and it seems that the wedding will take place! …as soon as the groom has been located.

Friday arrives with three extraordinarily interesting events!

There’ll be Jail and Bail of Lindens at 2 – 4 PM in Egregore. Come throw tomatoes at Dee and Patch! …I mean, come bail them out by donating to RFL kiosks. Yes, that’s what I mean.

The Fairelands Quest: Bard Queen’s Song begins today! The Bard Queen herself is missing, and it is up to Faire Folk to save her! The quest HUDs will be set for sale later on today at all the landing points, so be on the lookout for those.

In the Literary Festival there will be an interview of Jan Scott Frazier about Anime and Fantasy, come join us 6 – 7 PM in Kakushi Pasu

Otherwise the Literary Festival in Kakushi Pasu holds Fantasy Writing Prompts as a part of the National Poetry Writing Month 10 – 11 AM, Caledonia Skytower reads her work Gorak the Gobbler 1 – 2 PM and there’ll be Short Story Discussion Group with Destry Recreant 3 – 4 PM.

The LitFest Region Tours travel to Mudrana at 12 PM and Raven’s Perch at 5 PM and 8 PM. The groups gather in Kakushi Pasu before venturing forward.

The dance and particle performances begin today in Opal Flight! There’ll be The Night Theater at 11 AM, Lady Garden Cabaret at 1 PM, The Monarchs at 3 PM and Misfit Dance & Performance Art at 5 PM. Come early to reserve your seat on top of the tall plants!

The roleplay classes begin today! Whether you’re new to roleplaying or not, come and join us at Fallen Sands 11 AM for new ideas and to meet other roleplayers out of character. The roleplay stories continue in five Fairelands today: 12 – 2 PM: Steelwood at The Hill,  2 – 4 PM: The Lilypods at Mudrana, 4 – 6 PM: Sanctuary at Raven’s Perch, 6 – 8 PM: The NeoVictoria Project at Anansi, and 8 – 10 PM: Ynys Seamaide at The Spirit Pool.

If that wasn’t enough, we of course have DJ parties on the deck of The FaireChylde: DJ Bard 7 – 9 PM and DJ Hazard at 9 – 11 PM. Come dance with us!

Check either Calendar of Events or Faire Happenings for daily event details!

Fantasy Faire has relayed L$ 1,686,352 ($ 6,486) by the end of the first day of the Faire. Keep up the fantastic work, Faire Folk!

The Fantasy Faire 2017 is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors: Abstract Soul, [ Aleutia ], AviewTV, Building Daydreams, Dandelion Daydreams Factory, Dark Unicorns of Lovelace, Dragon Magick Wares, DRD, Epic Toy Factory, Faida, Fallen Gods Inc., Kei Spot, Little, Big Designs, The Looking Glass, The Lost Unicorn Gallery, MacMoragh an Gabha, meadowWorks, Merchants of Dreams, The NeoVictoria Project, OtherSkin, Poliak’s Emporium, Rivendale, Roawenwood, Ruins of Xenark RP Community, Sanctuary RP Community, Satyr’s Moon, Silvan Moon Designs, Solarium, Spyralle, Steelwood, TIS Club Equipment and Animations, Titans, Velvet Whip and Vengeful Threads.

Fairelands Junction – picture by Caitlin Tobias

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