Ursula 2.0 Is Ready For The Faire!

Oh I wish, Faire Folk, that it were my real body I’m talking about… although I am already used to the physical flaws, scars and missing body parts in my RL existence. However, wouldn’t it be lovely to obtain a Bento update in reality, too? The update that I have just got in Second Life.

Why is it big news, then, you may ask? Those good old system bodies are slowly becoming a rarity in SL, our mesh avatars smile, grimace and cry on the screen, our fingers can gesticulate as delicately as a RL ballerina performing Swan Lake. Why is it big news that SL Ursula has been upgraded? Because the path that brought me to my new shiny mesh body and head is so very, very Fantasy Faire.

Fantasy Faire Is Back...

I was happily chatting to the FF Backstage people the other day, silly banter was exchanged with laughter and general pulling of pixel legs, when at a certain moment a Faire designer and I started talking about mesh bodies. I told her I had been planning to buy one for quite a long time, but I wanted to think twice before I spent a certain amount of Linden Dollars… then I suddenly heard the characteristic tingling of coins.

I received a generous, wonderful and utterly unexpected gift. Funds for a mesh body. Just so.

I was gasping for air, and I also felt what I used to experience at Christmas when I was a little girl, pure and utter joy… and I also promised my magnanimous sponsor to donate to RFL in her name, too, in order to return this wonderful gesture somehow. The answer I received made me stop for a second… and another second, and another one, to reflect and maybe even to shed a tear or two.

Cat, I hope you won’t report me to the Lindens for breaking their TOS, but I must quote word by word what you wrote: “Catalina ***: Do me a favor? If you donate, do it for those who stay in remission. Because my dad didn’t. And seeing your profile made me smile. And gave me hope. And hope is a beautiful thing.”

This is why I am as gloriously happy with my new lovely Bento mesh body and head as if I had received a miraculous upgrade in real life as well.

Happy Faire to you all!


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