Meet Our Sponsors: The NeoVictoria Project

Asil Ares as "The Synthetic" One of the major arcana in the Steampunk Tarot.
Asil Ares as “The Synthetic” One of the major arcana in the Steampunk Tarot.

Asil Ares, the leader of The NeoVictoria Project, shares with us their reasons to sponsor the Faire, their roleplay story of this year’s Faire and how it has been like roleplaying in the Fairelands.

The NeoVictoria Project has sponsored the Faire for two years. What made you return and do it again?

Simply, to support Relay For Life. It’s good to come together in community and work with joy and enthusiasm on something as important as the fight against cancer.

Members of the NeoVictoria Roleplay group in ‘The Sidhe and the Soul-Eater’, our roleplay cycle for Fantasy Faire 2016.

What is it like roleplaying in the Fairelands? Tell us a bit about the experience.

Extremely challenging! The deadlines are tight and the lag is … well, let’s just say shooting machinima on SIMs with 30+ avatars (most of whom are dressed in their finest mesh) is practically impossible. Fortuitously, our roleplayers are extremely generous and patient, so we were able to get some tasty images.

Scene from ‘White Wedding’, the project’s offering for the 2015 Fantasy Faire.

What happened in the NeoVictoria Project’s storyline this year?

We always build the theme of the SIM we’re sponsoring into the reality of our storyworld: this year, the SIM was a mausoleum city, and we came up with the idea of a soul-well, infected by a monstrous soul-eater who wanted to consume all the spirits there. In the Neo-Verse, spiritual energy is the basis of the economy, so the Sidhe Empire was able to send members of their Soul-Caster’s Guild to assist. We were really pleased with how the story turned out! You can see all the machinimas on our page for this year’s event, but attention must be paid to “The Sidhe and The Soul-Eater: Battle Against the Soul-Eater”! This may be one of the best (if not THE best) of the machinimas we’ve produced for Fantasy Faire.

What’s your roleplay history like? Tabletop, mmorpgs, chatrooms, larp… how does Second Life roleplay compare and differ from these?

I have done them all! What makes Second Life unique and inspiring is the freedom it gives to create how characters and environments look. Here, people can make their own storyworlds and combat systems: one day you’re playing a vampire in Sanctuary using the Community Combat System (CCS) and the next, you’re playing a steampunk clockwerk in NeoVictoria using a titler and dice. It’s very empowering for the player!

The Lab has added real value to Second Life these last years. I was particularly impressed with how Loki Eliot used SL’s ‘experiences’ function in “The Gloom of Echtra”; little golden footprints that, when you stood your avatar on them, told the story of the SIM (and their roleplay). So clever and charmingly done.

“Hunting the robot on the magnificent Asperatus SIM, created by Beq Janus for the 2014 Fantasy Faire for our ‘The Revenge of Professor Timmons’ story-cycle”.

What was your favourite part of the Faire?

I was pleased Elicio Ember returned this year, his is a magnificent artistry and Otherworld is simply spectacular! So many levels to the SIM and each one was spellbinding. Spending several hours wandering that build was a personal highlight for me.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us, Asil. Thank you for bringing your group to weave their stories in the Fairelands for all these years!



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