Live Auction Today 2-4PM!

Breeze Auction

Every year as we prepare ourselves to say goodbye to the Fairelands for a year, we offer parts of them for the Faire Folk to bid on. This Live Auction often leads to crazy bid wars as Fairelanders try to make sure they get a piece of the Fairelands home with them.

This year we have for example the whole Region of wonderfully sunny Breeze up for bids! There’s special FF-marked Black Anubis and The Guardian of the Delta statues, collaboration of Fallen Gods Inc. and meadowWorks. If you’re looking for something smaller (and ten times cuter), how about all the hedgehogs from Echtra? Does your garden call for more statues? Both the Cinderella and Last Hope statues from Dangarnon could be yours, as also the Dark Tower. There’s much more than this available in the Live Auction, the only way to find out if your favourite piece of the Fairelands could be yours is by coming over!

DJ Zander Greene will be spinning right up to — and out of — the Live Auction, which will be hosted by Her High Faireness: Elizabeth Tinsley!

Join us in Sapphire Mirror Lake 2-4 PM on Sunday, May 1st! 

Altar of the Guardians

Hedgehogs of Echtra - live auction

DRD cinderella statue

DRD dangarnon tower

DRD last hope statue


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