A very special treat for Fairegoers!


There’s a very special treat for Faire-goers today as we come towards the end of the Faire.

We asked our wonderful region creators to personalise some very cute little dragons (created by Kilik Lekvoda, the designer of Bright Haven) in the style of their different regions.

And we will be placing these in a gotya (aka gacha).  Each try at the gotya will cost just 50 Lindens, and all the money raised will go to Relay for Life of Second Life.

We think they make a perfect momento of Fantasy Faire 2016!

There is one rare – the Fantasy Faire one.

There are three uncommons – Bright Haven,  Malfience and Tinkers Hollow.

The others are common –

You will be able to get these at the Silent Auction and the Masquerade Ball that follows.

After that, they will be available at the Landing Points until the regions disappear into the ether …

Here they all are!



The Uncommons are:




And the Commons are:









Collect your favourite … or collect them all!



2 thoughts on “A very special treat for Fairegoers!”

  1. Thank you so much! I thoroughly enjoyed the questing and the beautiful lands! It is evident how much work went into this amazing event! Brilliant, fun way to raise money for a good cause! Hats off to you all! 🙂 BRAVO!!!

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