The Queen will choose her suitor tonight – and you can help!

Over the last week, a terrific roleplay storyline has been playing out in Twilight Illusion, courtesy of the Great Alliance.

The Queen has been in quest of a husband, believing that the right man will strengthen her realm, and protect her from the evil machinations of the Dark Prince.

Please note – not all the suitors have survived!

Today at 5pm SLT, this story will reach its dramatic conclusion … and bu coming along and watching, or by registering your vote for your favoured candidate in the appropriate RFL kiosk, you could make a difference.

If you’ve missed it, here’s an outline of the story …

Part One: The Queen’s Dilemma
One by one, the suitors announce their intent to court the Queen for her hand; the dashing and handsome fair haired Prince Vindonus Lianelis, The Dwarven King Bump Wumple, a northern barbarian Prince Zarg, and the dark haired but dashing Prince Kelamoris Miliandrovic of the distant kingdom of Alabaster.


Once the Queen has been presented with the choices, the ladies determine that they wish to test the suitors, to make certain that the one who is picked will be worthy of the Queen. The suitors are invited back to an evening of manners, questions and dancing where they will try and win the queen’s favor.

Read more here.

Part 2: A Test of Courtly Manners
The evening progresses with the Ladies dancing with the various Suitors, asking them questions and bestowing favors for answers that please them. The Dwarf King delights one and all by producing a set of stilts for dancing, thus solving the issue of his height.


The couples dip and sway in time to the music, flirting and answering each in turn. As the hour grows late, the Queen calls for a counting of the favors …

Read more here.

Part 3: The 2nd Challenge: Test of Metal (Fencing)
The fencing matches continue as each suitor is pitted against his fellow suitors, but a second subtle competition for the ladies’ favors is still being played out. First the Bard steps before the Queen, his shirt open to display a very fine chest, and then Prince Vindonus appears for his next bout shirtless, drawing the attention of the ladies. His bare chest is very much to their liking, so much so that the Queen had to rein them in with a sharp “Ladies please!”


Read more here

Part 4: The Third Challenge: Gifts of Gratitude
The Queen’s guard Pelinor, calls the room to order “Your Majesty! Lords, ladies and courtesans! Welcome to the third challenge for the Queen’s Suitors! Tonight we shall see our worthys present their gifts of affection to Her Majesty for her perusal and the scrutiny of the Court. In doing so the Suitors will be given several minutes to expound upon the virtues of their gift and embellish it with poem or song should they so choose… The Court will comment as they see fit and present Favors accordingly. Are there any questions before we begin?”


Read more here.

Part 5: Mysteries Revealed!

A long wooden table was set as the guest came together for dinner. As might well be expected, the conversation turned to the Suitors for the Queen. It was noted that two of the suitors were missing, The Baron Bard Gage and The Prince Kelmor. King Bump and Prince Vindonus took up seats on either side of the Queen.


Little did any of the court know that Baron Bard Gage Colinsgrove was stepping out of the bushes as poorly disguised High Elven retainers pass, hearing them discuss various ways to ‘solve’ the Bard problem. His scarlet doublet is torn and dirty, but he doesn’t seem to care at the moment, following them closely from the shadows.


The Orc swiped his axe at the group, “Northman be stickin his nose where it don’t belong! He gots the guttins for it! Dark Prince won’t be appy ta see youz snoops in ‘is land. Git out! Or I be a callin him ta wipe ye outz!”


At this the Prince calls for the capture of the orc, but the Queens Guard questions him on the Dark Princes intent. The Orc responded by smacking his head against his shield, “What are ye stupid?! Dark Prince and ye lightie kingdom up there been warring with the dark prince for dese lands for ages! Dark Prince just be a smartin! Be marrying ye queen! Den he gets all o Twilights Illushins for imself!”

Read more here.

Part 6: Revelations
Queen Comet speaks quietly with her guests as they arrive back into the hall. Lady Malada checks the place settings and tests the food as always, looking over the remaining suitors gracing the dwarf, King Bump with a smile. However, the tone for the evening is quickly set as Lord Linn frowns at the prince who usurps the chair King Wumpole was in last night.
Prince Vindonus Lianelis looks at the Prince who sits across from him, his eyes narrowed but no other expression on his face.

Prince Vindous tells
King Bump Wumpole bows deeply and requests of the Queen, “I do hope you will allow me to attend this evening’s affairs armed, My Queen. Considering recent events I think it would be wise, if you indulge me.”
The Queen allows this and turns to ask, “Can anyone of our party report what happened last eve after the guards and court went down to the pavilion below?

Bjorn Reports

Read more here.


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