Silent Auction Closes Today at 5PM SLT!

FF2016 - set A - Fairelands Junction_003
The Silent Auction in Fairelands Junction, picture by Wildstar Beaumont.

Every year Fantasy Faire offers wonderful deals, generous fatpacks and shockingly epic one of a kind items in the Silent Auction. The items are displayed in the Auction Area in Fairelands Junction and can be bid on the whole week. Whoever has the highest bid by the end of the Auction on Saturday, April 30th at 5 PM SLT, wins the item!

This year we have a catalogue of previews in Pinterest, but you can just as easily see the items by visiting the Auction in Fairelands Junction!

Some of the items that have already remarkably high bids on them are unique skins by Fallen Gods Inc., a fatpack of Dream Scenes from Garden of Dreams, a special Isis Goddess of Magic & Arts by meadowWorks, a one of a kind unicorn toddler avatar from ND/MD and six months worth of new releases from Roawenwood!

The Auction Closing party will be DJed by Nuala Maracas 3-5 PM SLT, come dance while making sure your bid stays the highest!

Visit the Fairelands Junction to see the rest and bid on your favourites!

Queen of the Delta

King of the Delta

ND Silent Auction

Roawenwood Silent Auction

FF-meadowWorks - Isis Goddess - Silent Auction OOAK

A set of 35 Dream Scenes by Kayle Matzerath of Garden of Dreams.


2 thoughts on “Silent Auction Closes Today at 5PM SLT!”

  1. A few of the auctions have closed already – but many of them close at 5 today and a few more close tomorrow – but don’t take the chance that your items will be there! Get here *now* and lock in your bid!

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