I Visit The Elven City Of Serenity

Elven City

Today I embarked on my most dangerous ever mission for Fantasy Faire, I visted The Elven City of Serenity and as evidenced by this post, I lived to tell the tale. I entered boldly, my beard proudly swishing in the wind.


I discovered strange looking architecture which lacks mines, but I’m told others find this sort of thing picturesque. I also witnessed a group by the name of the Ne0Victoria Project engaging in roleplay.

This group were friendly enough and I quietly ate a sandwich, whilst looking out for Elves.

Me conquering Serenity
Figuring that the Elves were hiding from me I decided to do a jig of delight on their monuments, showing to all those sneaky Elves that I was not afraid. I could feel their eyes burning into me, but as as a brave Dwarfin I had no fear, any reports that I was sneaking around and shaking are not to be believed.

Me at Serenity

The Elven city does have some touching monuments, a plaque that contains quite a moving message is one example. I suspect that the Elves may have stolen this from a Dwarfin site.

If you haven’t yet visited Serenity or witnessed the Roleplaying of the NeoVictoria Project then I heartily suggest that you do so. However if you do visit please ignore any Elven tales that I was spotted running in the direction of Sapphire Mirror Lake shouting “Elves! Run for your lives!” to all and sundry.


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