A Suitor for the Queen: Updates

Friday, April 29th

Revelations 1

Queen Comet speaks quietly with her guests as they arrive back into the hall. Lady Malada checks the place settings and tests the food as always, looking over the remaining suitors gracing the dwarf, King Bump with a smile. However, the tone for the evening is quickly set as Lord Linn frowns at the prince who usurps the chair King Wumpole was in last night.
Prince Vindonus Lianelis looks at the Prince who sits across from him, his eyes narrowed but no other expression on his face.
King Bump Wumpole bows deeply and requests of the Queen, “I do hope you will allow me to attend this evening’s affairs armed, My Queen. Considering recent events I think it would be wise, if you indulge me.”
The Queen allows this and turns to ask, “Can anyone of our party report what happened last eve after the guards and court went down to the pavilion below?
Bjorn Reports

Queen’s Guard Bjorn Tindómë steps up to the table “My Queen, Captain Pelinor has sent me to inform you and those present that an orc has been found and questioned as he was dragging off the body of a Northman, presumed to be the one that had come to court you who has disappeared. This orc let slip that he was working for the Dark Prince, and that his plan was to acquire all of Twilight Illusion by marrying you. Lord Linn, Prince Vindonus and Lady Zemira were there. ”

the Dark Prince

Prince Kelmore tapped his fingers lightly on the table, “That is most interesting. So the dark prince has been paying attention to this courtship after all, closer than originally thought.”
The court broke in to questions and accusations Lady Cia asked “Do we know anything of him? It seems it has made off with one, possibly two of your suitors, Has anyone heard anything of the Baron Bard?” As if on cue, Bard Gage appears with an accusation for Prince Vindous, “Is it, Prince? For it would not be possible if two of your retainers were better swordsmen.” Arguments over who was where, and other suspicions about behavior break out around the table.

The Bard Accuses

Lord Faulkes notices that the flying accusations were making the Queen tense, and calls for a toast to the Queen. The Lords and Ladies follow suit and a round of toasts is given. Lord Faulkes notes with a frown that some of the suitors are slow to toast the Queen.

This pleases the Queen, but she asks further about the events of the following evening. The dark witch, Lady Lexie noted “A little bit of dark magic could certainly help clarify the suitor’s intentions, Queen of Lightness”. Those around offer what they know, and further speculation begins. Prince Kelmore and Prince Vindonus start discussing the fact that Prince Kelmore has arrived without his sword for the first time. Prince Vindonus states, “One would think it might be lost or,” he hesitates, his smile wider, “possibly found by another?”

Qυεεŋ Coмεŧ turns to question Prince Kelmore, “Prince Miliandrovic, who is your father? I would like to know why I do not know of you and your history in the many lands of my acquaintance?” Prince Kelmore responds, “Has it been llost? Gracious, what a terrible notion! I shall have to check when the festivities are concluded! With all the foul that hast befallen the Queen and her court thus far, it worries me for the safety of my belongings. Treachery fouls the air….” He turns towards the Queen and smiles, “Neither was your kingdom until I arrived here for the faire. The kingdom of Alabaster is set far off to the east, My father, King Brula, has ruled the kingdom for many generations. Mostly human in nature but assorted races living among the people.”

Prince Vindous tells

Prince Vindonus reveals “Last night was most interesting Tari, once the orc was killed we went through the belongings and found a couple of very interesting items” He questions the Queen about the necklace that Prince Kelmor had given her telling all that the orc was in possession of the other half. The half that the Prince swore he never takes off”

Prince Kelmor sneered at the Elven Prince, “I see. So first you question me on my sword and now my necklace that has been ransacked from me. I see who it is that fouls the air with their dissension. You speak of examining jewelry, but has any asked what the Lord Faulkes was up on his eve to leave him in such a state? Or perhaps enlightened on the Bard with his absence? Seems the dirty hands sit across from me, but Prince Vindonus just kept the smile on his face and relaxed stance. “The reason I brought your sword missing up, is that an exact double of that sword was also found with the necklace. It seems to me that one item would be interesting but two of the items which are so obviously yours in the hands of someone connected to the dark Prince can be …..damning. You still have not answered about the necklace.”

The accusations flare again prompting the dwarf King Bump Wumpole to stand on his chair and declare, ” tis plain enough to see what i gave you, my Queen, a very large ruby of no small worth. It seems some of your suitors do not comprehend the requirements of royal gift-giving.” He folds his arms, looking cross, “Conflagrations and flapdoodle simply to confuse you, my Queen! Listen not to these silver tongued upstarts and pretenders, I implore you.”

Queen Comet then drew the evening to a close suggesting we retire for the evening and until she could see the Captain of her Guards.”



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