The Gloom of Echtra: Updates

Thursday, 28th April
Trapping King Goblin

Trapping King Goblin

We gathered near the cave entrance at 1 pm as we had planned preparing a fake sack filled with a fake stone to trick the merchant. Several visitors passed by, but none went near the bait we had prepared. Finally, after much misunderstanding our culprit arrived, carried by one of his minions.

Trapping King Goblin 2

King Goblin had noticed the magic held in the stones and had offered to buy them for his new hat. Those familiar with King Goblin knew that rather than wishing to condemn the realm to Gloom, he had acted in selfish ignorance.

Trapping King Goblin 3

We sprung the trap and surrounded King Goblin when he opened the bait. Tepic was the first to ‘Claim King Goblin’ as his own. King Goblin once claimed must give a gift so that you will unclaim him. ((If you see him wandering any of the Faire Lands anyone can claim a free gift))

Trapping King Goblin 4

King Goblin paid for his release with the statue fragments, he had managed to acquire all of them in his journeys.

Trapping King Goblin 5

Trapping King Goblin 6

Tepic released the King from his claim, and the large sack was carried back to where it belonged. The Summer Princess statue now awaits Dogstar of the Lesser Sidhe’s return on Friday at 3 to complete the ritual and restore the statue to its former glory.

Trapping King Goblin 7


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