Meet Our Sponsors: meadowWorks

garvie garzo_004
Garvie Garzo, creator and owner of meadowWorks. Picture by Alisaundra Andel.

Garvie Garzo, the creator and owner of meadowWorks, has also had a hand in one of the Fairelands: the fantastic Egyptian statues and sculptures within The Golden Delta are made by her. She shares with us her reasons to sponsor, her love for the Faire and her creative process within Second Life.

This is your first year sponsoring Fantasy Faire. What made you decide to become a sponsor?

I guess the desire to be as supportive of the Faire as I could possibly manage. To me it IS the big event of each and every SL year, so I wanted to contribute as much as I could.

How did you begin building in Second Life? What inspires you to create?

I started out by making an interactive museum exhibit, which was a blast. Creation for me is kind of like a set of puzzles that I make for myself to solve. Most of the puzzle parts are technical things with geometry and textures. Is this possible, how would I do this? But some of the puzzle are aesthetic questions – what else could I do with this, is there something I could say to change its message? The inspiration part is easiest, I just like trying to make amazing things, and so many things are amazing when you really look at them.

What are you bringing to the Faire this year? 

Current amazements are ancient Egyptian artifacts and art.

The fantastic statues all over The Golden Delta are by Garvie Garzo, including the Guardians of the Delta, Standing Anubis, Isis, Stone Lion Arks, Horus Falcon Monument Ark, Bast in both forms, the canopic jars. Some of these, including the Stone Lion Arks, the Horus Falcon Monument Arks and the canopic jars are available in the meadowWorks store in The Golden Delta. There is also a special Isis Goddess of Magic & Arts sculpture available in the Silent Auction in Fairelands Junction.

Horus, Anubis and The Lion walk into a bar
Picture by Alisaundra Andel.

What calls you to fantasy? When was the first time you encountered the genre and realized you enjoyed it?

Hmmm, this is always hard for me to answer, because I am never all that clear on the boundaries of any genre. I think I like fantasy in SL so much precisely because it does not have clear boundaries. It’s so easy to change the nature of objects by changing spatial relationships or colors or re-purposing things. A perfectly normal everyday object becomes fantastic based on the situation you place it in, and really it’s just so much fun to experiment.

Do you have a favourite Faire memory? What are you looking forward to most this year?

Just a single favorite memory, no. Each and every year I land in the Junction there is just this rush of excitement and gratitude. It always meets and surpasses my expectations. This year as every year, I am most looking forward to my first view of it all popping into place, followed of course by a frenzied race around looking to see what everyone did.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us, Garvie! Thank you for bringing your magic to the Fairelands!

Golden Delta_030
Picture by Alisaundra Andel

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