Echtra Performs

Loki Performs


I’ve been spending a lot of time at Fantasy Faire on the Echtra region. This is largely because there are areas there where I can sleep in the hay and Loki Eliot wouldn’t let me into his tavern, he mumbled something about “Drunken Dwarfins causing chaos”.before chasing me off with a pitchfork and torch.

However, I forgive Loki because he has created a quite fantastical region full of light, mischief and magic.

There is also a very artistic feeling to the region with the beautiful Lost Unicorn Gallery at its heart, if you like fantasy art then the lost unicorn gallery is a place well worth visiting.

There are also street performances here with music, dance, light, fire and of course, dancing. I have engaged in a jig or two myself.

To pay homage to Echtra and to show thanks for Loki’s hospitality (he didn’t really make me sleep on the streets), I decided to fire up Open Broadcaster Software and record a video. I then realised I would have to record it again as my PC required lower settings, and then there was a need for another take, on lower settings ….

Eventually, the video was made, not as artistic or impressive as one hoped, but if you squint, you may see a unicorn or two!

Oh and yes, it does rain a lot in Echtra!


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