A Suitor for the Queen: Updates

Thursday, April 28th
Mysteries Revealed!


A long wooden table was set as the guest came together for dinner. As might well be expected, the conversation turned to the Suitors for the Queen. It was noted that two of the suitors were missing, The Baron Bard Gage and The Prince Kelmor. King Bump and Prince Vindonus took up seats on either side of the Queen. Little did any of the court know that Baron Bard Gage Colinsgrove was stepping out of the bushes as poorly disguised High Elven retainers pass, hearing them discuss various ways to ‘solve’ the Bard problem. His scarlet doublet is torn and dirty, but he doesn’t seem to care at the moment, following them closely from the shadows.

Lady Malada had a question for Prince Vindonus, It seemed that one of the Jewels that had been in his gift had been coated in a love potion. All eyes turned to the Prince and he was hard pressed to explain, but he did so offering “”it seems my sister the romantic has had her hands in the gift. She has been all wide eyed and enamored with you Tari, since she has read some of your history that one of my men was able to obtain. She thinks to be the aunt of our children” This sparked some more questions, and then when he offered Comet his flask here was much debate. Lord Faulkes and Lady Acacia both offered to test it, but it was Lord Faulkes who took a long swig. Very shortly thereafter he began to profess how enamored he was by the Lady Malakyte.

Prince Vin

The Queen’s guard, has many questions for the member of the court about the suitors, and the ladies answer them, expressing their concerns and thoughts. Qυεεŋ Coмεŧ tells them all “I will confess, as my ladies all suspect, I have played a part to you all for my own reasons. I am neither silly nor frivolous. I wished to observe my suitors from a place where they may not know my intentions nor my intelligence”

Queen Comet and Guard

Shortly after this announcement, the Queen’s guard Pelinor was called away, only to return after a brief absence. She gathers several members of the court and rushes off with them. They discover Druul who is dragging a body across the pavilion of what appears to be the northman before turning to look up, “Huh!? Who goes dar!? You not sposed ta be here!? Yar be trespsin in the lands of the dark prince! Throw ye selves back to the sky king or ye be gettins the guttins!”

What they Found

Pelinor drews her famous blade, it rings in the air like fine crystal as she took a step forward… “You are outnumbered, outwitted and out-thunk my green friend… perhaps you can profit by explaining yourself? Unless you wish your guts for garters?” Prince Vindonus pulled a dagger from his waist, his knees bend slightly and he comes up on the balls of his feet.

Orc and Prince

The Orc swiped his axe at the group, “Northman be stickin his nose where it don’t belong! He gots the guttins for it! Dark Prince won’t be appy ta see youz snoops in ‘is land. Git out! Or I be a callin him ta wipe ye outz!”
At this the Prince calls for the capture of the orc, but the Queens guard questions him on the Dark Princes intent. The Orc responded by smacking his head against his shield, “What are ye stupid?! Dark Prince and ye lightie kingdom up there been warring with the dark prince for dese lands for ages! Dark Prince just be a smartin! Be marrying ye queen! Den he gets all o Twilights Illushins for imself!” causig the Lord Linn and the Lady Zemira to question the intent to marry the Queen. Druul laughed and said “Ye think the dark prince be a lettin you suitors win his queen dat easy!? He be a….” He paiuses and scratches his head, “Wait… nope! Da Dark Prince be a tellin ya Druul not ta tell. Be sayin, ‘Nope Druuls! I guts ya if ye be talkin!”



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