The Rise of the Blood King: Daily Updates

Friday, April 29th
Complications: The Angel Blesses The Sword

Today a trip was taken to a pure and heavenly oasis – a place of peace. The sword was brought and finally handed over by Belial to be blessed by an Angel, whom all were asked to call to aid them.


Martine took the sword at the altar, as the Gypsy settled in on a cushion on the ground beside the others, and the Angel came. She asked something difficult though, so as to bless the blade – The willingness to bleed and die. Martine stepped forward, unsure if she could die, but more than willing to bleed, and so did Dusti, the Drow…for all she was with Belial, she showed for once and for all she is no coward, as both Martine and she fell on the blade.

Belial And Angel

The Angel healed them both and raised them back up, and proclaimed their courage and that they are both protected. The Gypsy was relieved, but also said that only those who have fallen and risen again in battle can face the Blood King…


Martine And Angel


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