The Gloom of Echtra: Updates

Wednesday, 27th April
The Thief

Thief Catching 1

Dogstar of the Lesser Sidhe was called by the Guardians to aid in the reconstruction of the Summer Princess Statue. He shared with them the meaning of the Winter Prince’s final words and the tale of the Twins. Long ago the Dagda created the realm of Echtra and many others. When he departed he left two of his children to watch over the realm and keep the balance of time. The Winter Prince and Summer Princess.

Thief Catching 2

Thief Catching 3

It was only by finding the Summer Princess that they could hope to restore the balance of the seasons and natural time. However with the pieces stolen the children had to discover the thief.

Thief Catching 4

One of the hedgehogs, Brekon, described a figure in black taking them away in a sack, and the description matched Slooth, one of the children in the village.

Thief Catching 5

With much back and forth between the Mead hall and the statue the children laid a trap and pretended that they had found the final stone of the Summer Princess.

Loki prepared at trap for the thief while Dogstar departed saying that he would return on Friday to complete the ritual and very loudly said to hold on to the final stone.

Thief Catching 6

Thief Catching 7

Thief Catching 8

Thief Catching 9


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