The Rise of the Blood King: Daily Updates

Wednesday, April 27th
The Quest Begins At The Maze Of The Minotaur

Today’s travel was to the Maze of the Minotaur, a place in Hell, to find the sword that must be cleansed and used, as foretold by the prophecy, to defeat the Blood King. The Gypsy sat to wait on the other side of the Portal while the rest sallied forth!

Minotaur 6

The maze was explored, and as Martine became for a time lost with several others, Belial first found the Minotaur. Several came directly to aid him, and finally Martine and the group with her found their way as well. A deal was attempted with the monster but ultimately could not be reached.

Minotaur 2
Minotaur 5

As Candi tried to purify the altar with holy water, Kon and Strixges fought fiercely. Curious Q! went at the huge ManBull with his two swords and demon magic.

Minotaur 3

A very long and fierce battle ensued, with Candi winding up hanging from the Axe of the Minotaur and being swung about like a weapon, before Belial, though his other arm had been broken, finally stabbed the Minotaur in the open mouth with an axe, causing injury and distraction with his mighty throw. Finally, the many others could get in and do real damage, before the beast finally fell right on top of Martine!

Minotaur 1

Belial grabs the sword in the end…and runs!



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